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20 Bundesliga, Bayern will challenge Stuttgart away. Bayern currently topped the standings in the Bundesliga, while Stuttgart only ranked No. 16, a large difference in strength between the two sides. But Bayern coach Pep Guardiola in the pre-match press conference, stressed that “if you want to win the game, the players have to show the best state in the future. We have to fight for victory tomorrow.”

On a home draw against Bayern, Schalke, while Boateng also eat red card after he was suspended for three games, Bayern has filed this appeal. The melon Shuai also said, “Boateng foul indeed, we accept the penalty plus red card penalty, but was suspended for an additional three or too much. But I played the last game against Bayern still very satisfied, in more than 70 under difficult circumstances to play 11 minutes, 10 of us played well. ”

Boateng was suspended, Dante is worse because the state has been criticized, melon handsome disclose round of the league is likely to make comeback of Badstuber starter. “In the past two years, Bud has been plagued by injuries, but he passed every training to enhance confidence in this game Badstuber indeed likely to be elected to the starting my 11-man roster. As for Franck Ribery and La Feini Asia, They are from injury to resume training next week. ”

Bayern’s game against Schalke, after Robben scored for Bayern, melon handsome very excited, even hugged the sidelines of the fourth official, after he sparked controversy this move. The melon handsome explained, “I want to apologize to all the other Bundesliga teams, I do not know the future I will not do that. German rule is stiff, but I was Catalan, sometimes seem emotional, I was so excited. ”

In 2015, after entering the state of Bayern sudden decline, recent two league only get 1 point. Melon handsome but does not think the team encountered a crisis, “People always think that Bayern can not lose, but in fact we may defeat, not only lose two, three or even four games are likely to occur, we do not may always 25-point advantage to win the Bundesliga title. Germany currently cold weather? the climate here is the way we must adapt. ”

Bayern had coached marshal Late Ke passed away this week, melon Shuai also talked about the older generation, “I feel sorry for his wife and family, unfortunately, I have never seen Late Ke, but I still very sad. “rival Borussia Dortmund Bayern currently bottom of the standings, this melon handsome,” said Dortmund’s problems and I have nothing to do, I’m not going to comment. “

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Neymar just 23 years old, in his career, a total of 359 appearances, scoring 219 goals, field goal efficiency is 0.61, while the C Luo played a total of 316 times in the race when the 23-year-old birthday, just scored 107 goals, and field goals efficiency is 0.31, it can be said, whether it is a digital scoring, or scoring efficiency, 23-year-old Neymar are so humbled C Lo peers.

Then the number of titles it? “World Sports Daily” disclosure, and now 23-year-old Neymar has won nine tournaments, including the Copa Libertadores, the Confederations Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, and the 23-year-old C-Lo (Note: just turned 23 year-old C-Lo, I have yet to get the Champions League in 2008 and the Golden Globe) harvested only four tournaments, namely the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and the Community Shield.

In the figure above team goals, Neymar has completely prevailed, though only 23 years old, but Neymar has represented the Selecao played 60 times, scoring 42 goals, while C Lo 23 years of age only for Portugal scored 20 goals in his 29 years of age before breaking the national team scoring record of 47 held by Pauleta. In addition, the national team’s performance level, the 23-year-old Neymar has won the Olympic silver medal, while C Ronaldo, although once the Athens Olympic Games, but then the Portuguese team in the group stage will be eliminated.

Although the 23-year-old Neymar looks even better than the 23-year-old Luo C, but it is undeniable that, C Lo is already three FIFA Golden Ball winner, therefore, for Barcelona star, how to catch up in the next C Romania is the most important career.

Of course, the “World Sports Daily,” the story is still belittle C Luo career achievements of the suspects, 23-year-old former C-Lo has not turned madman mode data, while Neymar where the Brazilian national team is also strong in Portugal. In addition, C-24-year-old has got a Golden Globe for Neymar, in January next year, wants to gain the supreme glory of this football obviously quite difficult.

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Bayern Munich is a famous German sports club where located in Munich, Bavaria. The team is professional soccer team playing in the Bundesliga as the best tier of the German soccer league system. On the historically soccer achievement, Bayren Munich has successful won a record 24 national titles and 17 national cups. The brilliant road of Bayern Munich has paved with numerous champions of major competitions. The team colors are red and white. The team crest shows the white and blue flag of Bavaria. As the biggest sports club in Germany and the fourth biggest soccer club in the world, the annual income has ever reached to 368.4 million euro in 2012. Exceed 251,000 members of Bayern Munich played a crucial role of the world.


“Neymar is the best club in the efforts, he is very special, and I hope that he can create a new era of the merits of the players is a very subjective matter, Messi is now NO.1, he has set a very high standard. “Words are Barcelona coach Enrique said before the game in this round, he praised for Neymar in the campaign has been confirmed, the Brazilian superstar scored his 15 goals in La Liga this season, and now the distance maradona Barcelona’s scoring record just 1 ball.

The game Barca luck in general, the visitors center of the box that the audience for the first time to score the first 30 minutes, Villarreal siege of Barcelona, before Mario restricted volley left the restricted area within a pad change Qielishefu ball flight direction, Bravo fighting less, the visiting team a 1-0 lead. Barcelona came from behind to not panic, but methodically organized attack and tie the game before the end of the first half, who is meritorious Neymar, Messi was the right break former backcourt pass, hit the right side of the penalty area Rafinha the door is blocked, Neymar tip nets.

To ensure that the score at the end of the first half is not backward, Neymar scored no need to repeat the value of nature. After the easy side, the Brazilians continue to play good, but always missed with the goal. The first 61 minutes, Messi up front a pick four ball after the break, Neymar unmarked in front of the penalty area, but his shot hit the fly and then rub. The first 65 minutes, Neymar opportunity to obtain single-handedly, he drove into the penalty area and pick off the attack goalkeeper Asenjo, Asenjo homeopathy fell to the ground when hit Neymar, Neymar lost focus lying on the ground unable to complete hit the door, this was supposed to be a penalty, but the referee did not sentenced.

Neymar missed two opportunities that occurred in Barcelona after the go-ahead score to 3-2, so sorry index is not large, but compared to these, Neymar equalized for Barcelona is clearly the more commendable, he broke occasion, he did participate in the recent seven goals in Barca’s six, he scored five goals to complete an assists, which is the standard-bearer of the absolute level of performance, in fact, for now this outstanding qualities Enrique Neymar’s had been given to praise. “In the Brazilian national team, Neymar had a standard-bearer, he has grown used to the pressure, the pressure will help him progress.”

It is also a goal, Neymar has done soon tied Maradona scoring record in Barcelona. Neymar to join Barcelona a year and a half since the 67 war 37 goals, then the effectiveness of Maradona Barcelona 38 goals two seasons with 58 battle. In addition, this season until now, Neymar competitions played 26 times in total, battle 1929 minutes and scored 22 goals, each into a ball just 87 minutes, averaging 0.84 goals this season than the efficiency is considered doubled in 2013/14 season, Neymar 41 war 15 goals, averaging 0.36 goals per into a ball with time 189 minutes.

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Borussia Dortmund Jerseys top players in Europe Royce has been the team’s game, although he is now worth up to 50 million euros, but this summer Royce contract termination fee provisions will take effect, but only 25 million euros. For the brightest European despots, the Royce which termination fee of 25 million euros, but the “cabbage price” Bale. There had been news that the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich intentionally Royce, which allows Dortmund aspects angry. But recently the German media “Bild” broke the news that Bayern coach Pep Guardiola made it clear that does not require Royce, so Bayern gave up the plan.

In an interview, the former Germany captain, 2015 Bayern Munich Jerseys legend Kahn expressly Royce € 25 million termination fee for any one of the big clubs, it is worth mentioning things, any teams can easily pulled out the money, “There is no doubt that it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, if they can not get the Champions League qualification, then there is no possibility to stay Royce team up. To leave Royce, Dortmund must be thoroughly shaken the team’s salary structure, otherwise Royce will definitely leave the club this summer. You know, for a big club in Europe, what 25 million of termination Waldo is not. ”

Although it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, but had been rumored and Royce came Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich side, but has abandoned plans to introduce Royce. According to German media “Bild” exclusive news that Bayern has decided to abandon the introduction of Royce’s plan. According to the “Bild” the source said Bayern coach Pep Guardiola as early as a few weeks ago and Bayern executives had expressed his attitude, he made it clear that he is very appreciate Royce, Royce is a very good player, but he does not need Royce, so Bayern does not intend to introduce this outstanding German winger up.

Currently Royce and Dortmund’s contract to expire until the summer of 2017, but his contract termination fee provisions will take effect this summer, worth only 25 million euros. In the case of Bayern withdraw from the competition, the Premier League club Manchester City, Chelsea, La Liga clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona became the most likely team to introduce Royce. Which Manchester City have tried contacting Royce, Royce and willing to give out 12 million euros in annual salary, the figure in the German player Bastian Schweinsteiger only Bi Lamu and lower. The La Liga is Royce always wanted to join the league, his childhood favorite team is the Barcelona, he is also learning Spanish. But Barcelona is in a FIFA ban period, Royce estimate difficult to join.