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At the press conference on behalf of Barcelona, is Neymar

Today at the press conference on behalf of Barcelona, is Neymar. Neymar expressed understanding C Lo emotional control, but noted that the Portuguese should be punished. Neymar also praised Messi best in the world, and that will always respect Messi.

Neymar first talked about his performance: “I am also for their performance this season but was surprised in the first season, I have to understand the league this season, and I hope that can be better able to enhance my data…”

Neymar is often replaced Enrique Brazilians this statement: “Anyone can be replaced, and I certainly hope that remained in the field, since childhood so I play, but I respect the coach’s decision. ”

After the acquisition of Neymar Barcelona, Cruyff has declared that “to sell Macy time.” Neymar Cruyff responded: “I respect his opinion, he is one of the best players in the history, but this time he apparently feels wrong between me and Messi is getting better, but. this is just the beginning, we can do more. ”

Neymar has often been under Blackfoot, he appealed to the referee to protect all players:. “The referee should not only protect me, and the protection of all the players must respond to violent behavior, to protect the players is one of the referee’s job.”

C Ronaldo was suspended for a few games this? Neymar answer: “I do not work in the disciplinary committee, and I do not know their final decision, I just want to own the team, just how to train the game, I do not care about the other teams, I do not know if he would be suspended. how many games. ”

Neymar can understand C Lo emotional control? Brazilian answer: “Every player has emotions, and sometimes hold back, sometimes I can not help but understand C Ronaldo, but I think he should be punished and sometimes hold back when provoked, like me. but sometimes can not help but like Zidane. players have to control emotions, I do not know how many games he will be suspended, the world is not able to hold back all provocative player. ”

Between Neymar and Messi locker room problem? Finally, the Brazilian replied: “We do not have any problems, I had to share a dressing room and a lot of guys, and I never had a conflict Ronaldinho Messi I respect and will always respect him for all to see Mei. West is how to play, he is the best, I never would do him great respect. “