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FifA Cup 2014-15 season were the first four of the game

03 points 55 points early in the morning (local time on January 23 19:55 pm), 2014-15 season, the FA Cup were the first four of the game, Manchester United against England B guest Cambridgeshire Abbe Stadium # 12 Cambridge Union, the audience did not create scoring opportunities Manchester United, can only accept the result of 0-0, the two teams will choose a replay at Old Trafford decide who the next round.

Teams only had two encounters, the League Cup in the 1991-92 season the first two home and away games, winning 3-0 at home to Manchester United, the customer wins tied 1-1. Manchester United 2015 Rooney Jerseys holiday, Robin van Persie back from injury off the bench, the other main force play, Van Gaal finally no longer with 352 diamond midfield formation and switch 442, Rojo and Phil – Jones halfback partner, Mary as the attacking midfielder. Cambridge United bench Chadwick served as Beckham’s replacement at Manchester United.

The first seven minutes, kick out left, Elliott header from seven yards at the top side. The first 10 minutes, Blinder restricted left side 10 yards pass was turned back, he shot the ball straight, Dunn saved the bottom line. The first 12 minutes, out on the right corner, Hughes 12 yards right foot shot he missed block. The first 16 minutes, Mary pass, Falcao right rib 14 yards right foot shot was denied the bottom line.

The first 22 minutes, closed front Jianuzhayi welcome defender siege ball right foot volley, the ball flew Dunn. The first 23 minutes, passing Rojo, Mary hit long-range high-flying directly to the court. The first 26 minutes, Fellaini leave Kay received a yellow card. The first 31 minutes, out on the left corner, Nelson header, door line teammate Coulson denied the ball, clearance by Rojo playing in the other body bounce, Coulson five yards at the head top high ball from the center.

The first 34 minutes, Mary closed front shot blocked after defender Dunne to get the ball down. The first 40 minutes, Mary long shots blocked by defender got under after Dunn. The first 44 minutes, Mary takes the free kick 25 yards left foot shot hit high. The first half ended, both teams 0-0 draw.

The second half began, the sky began to rain, the first 47 minutes, the restricted area left rib Gunuzhayi get the siege ball 12 yards left foot low shot, the ball flew Dunn. The first 62 minutes, midfielder Michael Carrick straight plug, plug in stopping Falcao footed shot from 10 yards, Dunn saved the bottom line. The first 64 minutes, Jianuzhayi long shots blocked. The first 65 minutes, Tayi Te Wilson received a yellow card for a foul.

The first 67 minutes, Van Persie Manchester United Home Jerseys and Herrera were replaced. The first 69 minutes, McGee Han received a yellow card for a foul on Di Maria. Then Phil – Jones long shots missed. The first 71 minutes, Mary cross midfield, Van Persie plug left rib 8 yards left foot volley hit high. The first 76 minutes, Manchester United Jiujiang Chadwick on behalf of Cambridge United bench. The first 78 minutes, Herrera right pass, Van Persie header was denied the bottom line.

The first 87 minutes, Mary pass in the left, 10 yards Falcao header tops. The first 92 minutes, shot 14 yards left rib Jianuzhayi touch bounce back, hit the ball out of Dunn, Mary frontier closed area towards the ball shot blocked. Eventually, the two teams 0-0 tie will choose a replay.

Cambridge United (451): 1- Dunn / Tayi Te 2-, 4- Coulson, 18 Nelson, 3-Taylor / 7- Qiao Pien 8-, 17- Hughes (76’22- Chadwick), 20- McGee Han Kai 31- / 10- Elliott

Manchester United (442): 1- Degea / 25- Valencia, 4 – Phil Jones, 3-Rojo, 17 Blinder (86’3- – Luke Shaw) / 11- Jia Nuzha Iraq, 31- Fellaini (67’21- Herrera), 16 Carrick, 7 Mary / 49- Wilson (67’20- Van Persie), 9 Falcao