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Where to Buy Juventus Away Soccer Jerseys 2015-2016

Where to Buy Juventus Away Soccer Jerseys 2015-2016 At Soccerrelease

Where to Buy Juventus Away Soccer Jerseys 2015-2016

Nike’s 14/15 Juventus Away Jersey boasts Turin’s royal colors on a modern star graphic. Inside the back of the neck features black and white tape to represent the traditional colors used on the home jersey above the phrase “Fino all fine”, which translate to “Until the end”.

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How to Get Juventus Jersey 2015 From Online

Buy Juventus football shirts and merchandise from the Official Juventus Online Store.New Juventus 2014-15 Home, Away + Third Kits. The new Juve 14-15 Home Shirt is black/white-striped and has a classical black collar, This season, Juventus returns to the famous black and white stripes – representing family and honor.

From winter window closed in less than five days time, has been on hold Juve began to force, despite the introduction of such a name can not be good or Vidic can Bianconeri “little tricks” continues. According to “Sky Sports” and “Football Market” and other media reports, Juventus has completed two transactions, but the buzzer to win Pacini brewing.

The first sign of winter window Juve, is actually inside the pen signings, players career is coming to an end Stu La Genoa. The style resembles Gattuso 21-year-old midfielder, signed last summer, it was the Bianconeri to 9 million euros (5.5 million transfer fee +350 million bonus) the price of the season on loan at Griffin Army temper, six months down outstanding performance, get Ferraris headquarters approval. Strengthen the midfield lineup for the team to consider the thickness of the Juventus executives decided to advance recovery of the local star, and Genoa also readily agree to release, they will reach an agreement last week with two goals. Saturday will be against Fiorentina Genoa, La Stuttgart will arrive in Turin on Sunday, in time before the winter window close to Juventus reported.

Another local star Lu Guni, though not like the middle of the season, as Stu La return home team, but six months after landing Juventus Arena, almost a virtual certainty. The teenager from Wenqing training camp, summer 2013 was loaned to Serie B team Empoli, with excellent performance won the best player award in the Serie B, and is entitled to a total buyout team. This season the Italian U21 international Empoli continue playing, not only played in all 20 games so far, there are recorded two goals and is one of the best defender in Serie A half.

It is said that the 20-year-old teenager Arsenal Jerseys phase, ready to buy in the summer from Empoli in the hands of co-ownership, but have no intention to let go of the Juve defense rookie. “Sky Sports” disclosure, after several weeks of negotiations, the Bianconeri on Wednesday reached an agreement with Empoli to € 4,000,000 price buyout Lugu Ni ownership, while continuing to loan the player until the end of the season. Juve defense talent, but showing an aging trend and injuries, so the young and healthy to play Lu Guni, most likely in the summer return vinovo base.

At the same time, strengthen the striker still busy Ferraris headquarters. Because sassuolo refused to release Zaza leave Juventus striker is printed to introduce the national team has been very slim hope, Marotta only temporarily turn around. “Football market,” said Osvaldo core to leave Inter, now is a prime target for Juventus, while Pacini is a candidate emerging. not get the opportunity to play in Milan, Milan signed once Mercedes Castro, the former Sampdoria striker will have no place, leaving the team has become the only option to switch to Juventus coach Allegri mentor, to desire the league title Pacini is the ideal choice.

2015 Juventus Jerseys unintentional dig cash, ready to adopt the way of the introduction of the players swap Pacini, determined to recover the loan effectiveness is reported Marotta Palma De Ceglie, then as a bargaining chip to exchange Pazuo. Cows Legion economic crisis, even to the point of open no wages, and therefore with the team also recently ace Cassano termination, the same situation may not leave as soon as possible Durechen Ribadu, it is likely to accept the proposal to join Milan. Given Technip Leo injured, the team left no one is available, the Rossoneri would not mind to absorb the effect of the Bianconeri years of De Ceglie, but also took the opportunity to clean Pacini contract expires in the summer, parties to the transaction happy.

Boge Ba Juve once again become the focus of world

Boge Ba Juve once again become the world’s spotlight. With the recent perfect performance, coupled with the broker Layiaola campaign, the French striker boarded the front pages of major Italian sports media, around which public opinion has become a hot topic of social status, as well as the ball comes immediately City rumors. “Football Market” quoted the British “Sun” the source said, the Manchester City midfielder for Juventus out of a total of € 60 million offer.

Since joining Juventus in the summer of 2012, quickly catapulted Boge Ba-class players from the star, and now has been regarded as one of the best all-round midfielder in football today. French position in the Bianconeri have steadily improved this season, as the team leader of a great meaning, more important game dedicated high optical performance, especially after the winter break, chasing not only play the more stable the past three league games scored consecutive goals to break a deadlock, and sometimes the limelight without the two.

Coincided with the winter window period, eye-catching performance Boge Ba, natural and ultimately the ball City scandal, Paris and Madrid again with Golden Boy sparks. With Manchester City after suitors unwilling people, the first shot to compete for the French striker. According to the British “Sun” reported, Blue Moon, as the Boge Ba for Yaya – Toure successor to long-term planning as well as the central figure in the team, for the gold master to avoid confrontation with other considerations, ahead of former rival for Juventus Jerseys midfielder offer.

Manchester City have Juve struggled to catch array of Vidic not, Pellegrini artificial entry point to Montenegro, headed toward the French. Blue Moon is reported out of the 40 million euros in cash, will be used as a bargaining chip Vidic into the transaction. JoJo1 worth a half years ago for 30 million euros (26 million +400 million bonus), this stage has shrunk to 20 million euros worth of up and down, so the total amount of about Manchester City offer 60 million euros.

€ 60 million is definitely not a small number, but want to poach Boge Ba was impossible. Brokers Layiaola recently re holding high the golden boy, claiming that “Boge Ba is the most expensive player, more than Messi and C Luo,” Juve coach Allegri is very real, mildly bid against Chievo on Sunday after a billion euros, this figure is generally regarded as their bottom line for the Bianconeri. According to research firm Cies European football projections, Boge Ba this summer is expected to reach 110 million euros worth of high, even after two years of 150 million euros a breakthrough possible. Therefore, from every point of view, Manchester City’s asking price is too shabby indeed, Juventus executives refused to be a not difficult to understand.

Manchester unfavorable test the water, can summer window is winning the battle of the Boge Ba. Layiaola repeatedly said that it is possible to say goodbye to summer Frenchman Juventus, Manchester City Jerseys will be listed as “8 has the ability to complete the acquisition of the team,” one can see half a year after the Blue Moon is bound to initiate a more violent offensive, holding about Wei Diqi Pellegrini’s trump card may not match for Real Madrid and Paris Tyrant.