New Arsenal 18-19 Soccer Jerseys Release

New Arsenal 18-19 Soccer Jerseys Release,We can reveal the first bit of information about the new Arsenal 2018-2019 home kit. Likely the last Puma Arsenal kit before Adidas will take over, the new Arsenal 2018-2019 home kit will stand out from previous shirts.These are the colors and design of the new Arsenal 18-19 home shirt.The new Arsenal 2018-2019 home kit will be Chili Red Heather. Chili Red alone is a color that is similar to Arsenal’s usual home kit colors, while the outstanding feature of Chili Red Heather is the heather-like effect that the kit will have. Puma will combine the heather-like jersey with white for logos and details in the same color as the jersey but without the heather effect, aka Chili Red.White shorts and red socks will complete the new Arsenal 2018-19 home kit.The new Arsenal Puma 2018-19 home kit will be released in early June 2018 most likely.

The Arsenal 18-19 away kit will introduce a modern design, made by Puma and featuring the logo of long-term jersey sponsor Emirates on the front. It’s set for a launch in July 2018.Arsenal’s 2018-2019 kits could be the last ones to be produced by Puma – so far no new supplier or an extension with Puma has been announced, but it’s worth to keep an eye on the situation.This image shows the colors of the Puma Arsenal 2018-19 away jersey.Predominantly dark navy (‘Peacoat’), the Arsenal 2018-2019 away shirt will use bright red (‘High Risk Red’) for logos, hopefully creating a modern and eye-catching look.

The Emirates writing is expected to be red as well, while the Arsenal badge could end up appearing in a monochrome edition as well.The short and sock colors of the Arsenal 18-19 away kit are not known at the moment, but the most likely outcome is that they’ll both be navy with red.

The new Puma Arsenal 2018-2019 third kit will boast a fresh color combination, we can reveal. Likely the last made by Puma as Adidas is reported to take over from the 2019-2020 season, the new Puma Arsenal 18-19 third kit is expected to be released in late July / early August 2018 as the last jersey of Puma’s Arsenal’s 18-19 kit collection.These are the colors of the new Arsenal 18-19 third kit.After this season’s third kit introduced a stealth / pink look, the new Arsenal 18-19 third kit will combine the main color turquoise (officially ‘Biscay Green’) with navy applications (Peacot). The shirt will likely feature a monochromatic Arsenal logo.

Design-wise, Arsenal’s 18-19 third kit will be based on Puma’s new evoKNIT 2018 World Cup jersey template.

The new Arsenal 2018-2019 third jersey is set for a release in late July 2018.

What do you think of the first details of the new Puma Arsenal 2018-19 third kit? Do you like that Adidas will likely replace Puma as Arsenal jersey maker from 2019? Let us know in the comments below and check out all 2018-19 kit leaks and information in the Kit Overview.

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