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Where to buy Barcelona 17-18 Soccer Jerseys

Where to buy Barcelona 17-18 Soccer Jerseys.The final design of the new FC Barcelona 2017-2018 home jersey has been finally leaked after Sports daily Mundo Deportivo, usually well-informed in all things Barça, published a first sketch of what could end up to be the new Nike FC Barcelona home kit for the 2017-18 season some months away featuring fading stripes that were also aligned off-center.What are your thoughts on the final design of the new FC Barcelona 2017-2018 home jersey.

All in all, while the real Barcelona 2017-2018 home jersey could end up looking more than just a bit similar to this, we expect it to boast a more intricate design that this fake overall. We also think that the asymmetrical striping was ditched in the end and that a red stripe will be the centerpiece of the kit.

This is the design of the new Barcelona home jersey.The Barcelona 2017-18 jersey comes with an all-new fading stripes design after the current home shirt introduced classic Blaugrana stripes. It comes without the aligned off-center stripes design that were present on Mundo Deportivo’s drawing, which was based on a sketch which passed the club around 14 months before its official launch in summer 2017. The new Barcelona 17-18 kit introduces a fading gradient on the front, with the stripes decreasing in width from the center to the sides.

Following on the first details on the upcoming Barcelona away and third kits that leaked over the weekend, an image allegedly showing the Barcelona 17-18 home kit has surfaced. Featuring new main sponsor and all that. However, we can confirm that the image does NOT show the actual Barcelona 2017-18 home jersey, but more on that shortly.

Upon first glance, someone who saw Mundo Deportivo’s initial sketch from May will immediately notice the glaring similarity to this design. The alleged Barcelona 17-18 jersey features asymmetrical stripes whose widths decrease towards the sides, a crew neck and blank sleeves.

Where to buy Lionel Messi FC Barcelona Soccer Jerseys

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Where to buy Lionel Messi FC Barcelona Soccer Jerseys
Where to buy Lionel Messi FC Barcelona Soccer Jerseys

Here is the English Premier League teams kit news ahead of 2016-17 season, their suppliers and the brand plus when to expect the release date of premier league teams kits. for starters, Liverpool will be releasing their official 2015-16 home kit by New Balance on 09 May 2016.Nike will continue to produce Barcelona kits for 2016-17 season and spanish media has already leaked all three (home, away and third) kits for Barcelona.Barcelona 2016-17 kits leakedNike will continue to produce FC Barcelona kits for upcoming 2016-17 season and they will be releasing three new kits this summer. Spanish media has already leaked all three new kits which features a traditional home kit with blue/red stripe design while unique purple away kit with pink application and a rather bizare mint green away (alternative) kit.Barcelona 2016-17 Home Kit (Leaked)

The new home kit features a traditional red/blue stripe design but the unique thing about the new shirt is small faded stripes along the main bigger stripes.The shirt features pollo collar which comes in red colour while both Barcelona and Nike logo are in gold colour. The kit completes is look with blue shorts and socks with red application.

Barcelona 2016-17 Away Kit (Leaked)

The away kit features risky purple as primary colour with pink applications on the shoulder, collar and Nike logo.Its remain to be seen whether Barcelona will extend their shirt sponsorship deal with “Qatar Airway” but if they do the logo and text will be in white.

Barcelona 2016-17 Third (Alternative kit)

Nike will release a third alternative kit to be used in away champions league games. Third kit will feature a mint green colour with blue/red applications on sleeves and collar.

All three kits will feature “FIFA Club World Cup” winners badge and all above kits were leaked in spanish media and confirmed by many other football kit portals. Barcelona home kit is suppose to be officially released just before the last game of the season on 15th May 2016. While both away and third kits will be released later in the summer during Barcelona’s european pre-season tour.

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Borussia Dortmund Jerseys top players in Europe Royce has been the team’s game, although he is now worth up to 50 million euros, but this summer Royce contract termination fee provisions will take effect, but only 25 million euros. For the brightest European despots, the Royce which termination fee of 25 million euros, but the “cabbage price” Bale. There had been news that the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich intentionally Royce, which allows Dortmund aspects angry. But recently the German media “Bild” broke the news that Bayern coach Pep Guardiola made it clear that does not require Royce, so Bayern gave up the plan.

In an interview, the former Germany captain, 2015 Bayern Munich Jerseys legend Kahn expressly Royce € 25 million termination fee for any one of the big clubs, it is worth mentioning things, any teams can easily pulled out the money, “There is no doubt that it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, if they can not get the Champions League qualification, then there is no possibility to stay Royce team up. To leave Royce, Dortmund must be thoroughly shaken the team’s salary structure, otherwise Royce will definitely leave the club this summer. You know, for a big club in Europe, what 25 million of termination Waldo is not. ”

Although it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, but had been rumored and Royce came Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich side, but has abandoned plans to introduce Royce. According to German media “Bild” exclusive news that Bayern has decided to abandon the introduction of Royce’s plan. According to the “Bild” the source said Bayern coach Pep Guardiola as early as a few weeks ago and Bayern executives had expressed his attitude, he made it clear that he is very appreciate Royce, Royce is a very good player, but he does not need Royce, so Bayern does not intend to introduce this outstanding German winger up.

Currently Royce and Dortmund’s contract to expire until the summer of 2017, but his contract termination fee provisions will take effect this summer, worth only 25 million euros. In the case of Bayern withdraw from the competition, the Premier League club Manchester City, Chelsea, La Liga clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona became the most likely team to introduce Royce. Which Manchester City have tried contacting Royce, Royce and willing to give out 12 million euros in annual salary, the figure in the German player Bastian Schweinsteiger only Bi Lamu and lower. The La Liga is Royce always wanted to join the league, his childhood favorite team is the Barcelona, he is also learning Spanish. But Barcelona is in a FIFA ban period, Royce estimate difficult to join.

At the press conference on behalf of Barcelona, is Neymar

Today at the press conference on behalf of Barcelona, is Neymar. Neymar expressed understanding C Lo emotional control, but noted that the Portuguese should be punished. Neymar also praised Messi best in the world, and that will always respect Messi.

Neymar first talked about his performance: “I am also for their performance this season but was surprised in the first season, I have to understand the league this season, and I hope that can be better able to enhance my data…”

Neymar is often replaced Enrique Brazilians this statement: “Anyone can be replaced, and I certainly hope that remained in the field, since childhood so I play, but I respect the coach’s decision. ”

After the acquisition of Neymar Barcelona, Cruyff has declared that “to sell Macy time.” Neymar Cruyff responded: “I respect his opinion, he is one of the best players in the history, but this time he apparently feels wrong between me and Messi is getting better, but. this is just the beginning, we can do more. ”

Neymar has often been under Blackfoot, he appealed to the referee to protect all players:. “The referee should not only protect me, and the protection of all the players must respond to violent behavior, to protect the players is one of the referee’s job.”

C Ronaldo was suspended for a few games this? Neymar answer: “I do not work in the disciplinary committee, and I do not know their final decision, I just want to own the team, just how to train the game, I do not care about the other teams, I do not know if he would be suspended. how many games. ”

Neymar can understand C Lo emotional control? Brazilian answer: “Every player has emotions, and sometimes hold back, sometimes I can not help but understand C Ronaldo, but I think he should be punished and sometimes hold back when provoked, like me. but sometimes can not help but like Zidane. players have to control emotions, I do not know how many games he will be suspended, the world is not able to hold back all provocative player. ”

Between Neymar and Messi locker room problem? Finally, the Brazilian replied: “We do not have any problems, I had to share a dressing room and a lot of guys, and I never had a conflict Ronaldinho Messi I respect and will always respect him for all to see Mei. West is how to play, he is the best, I never would do him great respect. “

Messi broke out, the fire quickly makes Barcelona the main

Enrique received miraculous Barcelona Messi emperor to abdicate nearly six straight victories into 23 balls only lost one ball


2015 Barcelona Jerseys lost in 2015 to the Royal Society for the beginning, that time, Enrique put Messi and Neymar are on the bench. Real Madrid had earlier in the round lost to Valencia, Barcelona, this is the best opportunity to chase points, but great care has chosen Enrique defeated Anoeta stadium. After that game, Messi broke out. Messi strike training, and Enrique not speak publicly of the two conflicts. Subsequently, the Barcelona technical director Zubizarreta, assistant director have resigned Puyol, Messi should transfer rumors rampant Barcelona internal swooning, Nosey Barcelona is already clamoring collapse rhythm.

Macy’s outbreak, making Barcelona main fire quickly. Bartomeu told face to face Messi, Barcelona has done to prepare for his coaching. Bartomeu also told Enrique, Barcelona’s starting lineup is Mei Xijia another 10 people. Macy’s main location can not shake, Enrique can do is to find 10 of his teammates playing partner. Enrique between Messi and Barcelona will support former senior clear. This locker room fight with Messi win in the end. Enrique in action served soft, Macy’s ready for almost all the games since then, Enrique no longer afraid of the great occasions to suppress flea. Macy good mood, Barcelona played naturally enough. Like Neymar said after the game yesterday, as Barcelona has been a great change in attitude.

In the ensuing six games, Barcelona won all, this wave of six in a row, Barcelona have conceded a terrorist than 23 to 1, and the two wars Atletico won all proved tough ability to have improved significantly.

Enrique is no longer eligible for reuse blind rotation MSN

In the locker room management, Enrique too authoritarian, but has now been somewhat restrained. In the athletic perspective, Enrique blind rotation is very intolerable. When the game against Real Madrid, Enrique put Mathieu accident was placed in the left, the result Frenchman played a mess. When the game against Almeria, let Enrique Suarez and Neymar bench together. When the game against Real Sociedad, the bench of the turn of Messi and Neymar.

After the outbreak of the crisis in Barcelona, Enrique biggest change in the competitive level, is no longer blind rotation. In addition to two games away to lowly outside Elche, Enrique in several other games use almost the exact same lineup. Continue to implement the rotation goalkeeper position, but the other person has a fixed starting position. Defense foursome Alves, Pique, Mascherano and Alba, three midfield partner at the beginning of the season Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, they rely on MSN striker trigeminal halberd. Barca recent record rise, directly from the relatively fixed in the starting lineup and play.

But 2015 Messi Jerseys in the next period of time, Enrique also face the problem of rotation again. Harvey has been back from injury, the ventilator is like pre-season again squeezed as Rakitic? You know, Harvey and Rakitic represent two completely different style of play. Mathieu is still to rest because of an ankle injury, and so after his comeback, but it was sure to lose the main location between Pique and Javier Mascherano, after all, is the defense of the French central Enlikeqin points.