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Serie A club Inter Milan officially announced the 25 Europa League knockout stages of this season’s official entry list and the list of six B. Europa League group stage compared to the previous list, this time Inter increased Sacchi, Thornton, but Podolski and two winter new aid failed to enter the list.

Inter’s official website announced the new list Europa League

Inter Milan in the winter transfer period of continuous introduction of a number of strikers, especially Podolski and Sacchi joined greatly enhances the wing attack, coach Roberto Mancini have taken advantage of evolutions 4231 formation. But Sacchi and Podolski in the first half of the season have been on behalf of Bayern Munich and Arsenal played in the Champions League, according to the rules of war in Europe enrollment, whichever is only one person can enter Inter’s Europa League knockout registration list.

Mancini finally chose Sacchi, but gave up Podolski, which means Sacchi in the next war in Europe will be the main kick, but Podolski only able to focus on the Serie A league. In addition Sacchi, winter new aid there Thornton also elected to the registration list Euroleague. Thornton joined Inter can not only improve the two sides back position, and because Thornton was born Inter youth academy, he was selected for training young players making the increase in the number of Inter.

While still in the group stage of the registration list Osvaldo time it has been unsuccessful, Osvaldo and Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini’s club and the relationship is completely broken, although he failed to wash winter, but Inter have continuous more games without Zhao Osvaldo into the list, his next opportunity, I am afraid it is difficult to get the game. Besides losing players there M’Vila and Corcin.

Inter Milan striker Ronaldinho Ica in the last round of Serie A after a quarrel between the fans of the same team, and even cursed the Inter fans’ dog feces. “This publicly criticized coach Roberto Mancini, and the “Corriere dello Sport,” said the Inter Milan club has already conducted an internal fine Jordi Ica. But as the team’s top scorer this season, Ronaldinho is still the Inter Ica indispensable player, he still was named the European Inter League knockout registration list.

Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich started hoarding demon

Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich recently started hoarding demon, the team’s signings focus shifted to the young players. German media point out that Bayern have been ready the plan, a series of invited experts Sammer and Leverkusen youth academy director Lei Shike German youth, is the Bayern ready. Recently, a series of talks about Sammer and Lei Shike’s youth team concept, Lei Shike said that although Bayern hoarding demon, but never learn Chelsea rent model, or to concentrate on their own culture. And Sammer said that young players at Bayern enormous pressure, they must come up with a super level possible chance.

Bayern Munich Jerseys has introduced a lot of good young players, but they are difficult to get the opportunity to play in a competitive team. Like Chelsea, like renting mode selection? In this regard, technical director, said Lei Shike Bayern, Bayern will not select lease model, “the players out on loan to other teams train is not our style, we must be very cautious in terms of rent, to make the most beneficial for player development decisions, such as Hoy bigger, he went out on loan is a special case because it is suitable for his development of Augsburg. but overall, we certainly did not like Chelsea on loan means a wide range of uses. ”

But do not rent it, Bayern young teenager and difficult to get a chance at the star-studded team. Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer admit this, young players in order to get the opportunity to play at Bayern is not easy, so the boys must come up over the level of play for the job, “Bayern’s young players now, but I was very impressed, yet I was shocked. this performance can be trained at Bayern, however, to appearances on behalf of the team is not enough. players must not only have the potential, they have to prove their talent as Bayern’s young players, you have to do more more, to make the job I was surprised. ”

Bayern Munich Home Jerseys young players and the players compete not only to the first team, they also face the challenge of more newcomers. after joining the team, Bayern still trying to introduce more good young players. According to German media, “Munich Daily” news, technical director Lei Shike Bayern has flown to watch South American U20 Championship Uruguay, for Bayern to find new potential Yaoxing. It is worth noting that, after Bayern had made it clear that the young players will not consider the introduction of South American players, Bayern give up quotes Neymar. But Lei Shike clearly has a different plan, maybe he’ll dig out for Bayern next South Yaoxing?