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Chelsea 16-17 Champions League Soccer Jerseys

Chelsea 16-17 Champions League Soccer Jerseys,The Chelsea 16/17 third kit was launched in new film starring Diego Costa, Oscar, Nemanja Matic, Gary Cahill, Kenedy and Ruben Loftus-Cheek of Chelsea, as part of adidas’ First Never Follows film series.

Chelsea 16-17 Champions League Soccer Jerseys
Chelsea 16-17 Champions League Soccer Jerseys
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Where to buy Chelsea 2015-2016 Home Soccer Jerseys

Where to buy Chelsea 2015-2016 Home Soccer Jerseys.The Japanese tire company Yokohama sponsors the new Adidas Chelsea 15-16 Kits for the first time in the club history, after the sponsorship deal with Samsung ended in June 2015. Yokohama and Chelsea announced a record-breaking sponsorship deal on February 26.

Where to buy Chelsea 2015-2016 Home Soccer Jerseys
Where to buy Chelsea 2015-2016 Home Soccer Jerseys
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Online Get Cheap FC Bayern Munich Jersey 2015

Great but Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey, Cheap Soccer Jerseys as well as Cheap Soccer Shorts and more! Online Get Best Bayern Munich Jersey .Find bayern munich jersey, bontrager jersey 2015 and neymar jr jersey at sales and discount prices.

Borussia Dortmund Jerseys top players in Europe Royce has been the team’s game, although he is now worth up to 50 million euros, but this summer Royce contract termination fee provisions will take effect, but only 25 million euros. For the brightest European despots, the Royce which termination fee of 25 million euros, but the “cabbage price” Bale. There had been news that the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich intentionally Royce, which allows Dortmund aspects angry. But recently the German media “Bild” broke the news that Bayern coach Pep Guardiola made it clear that does not require Royce, so Bayern gave up the plan.

In an interview, the former Germany captain, 2015 Bayern Munich Jerseys legend Kahn expressly Royce € 25 million termination fee for any one of the big clubs, it is worth mentioning things, any teams can easily pulled out the money, “There is no doubt that it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, if they can not get the Champions League qualification, then there is no possibility to stay Royce team up. To leave Royce, Dortmund must be thoroughly shaken the team’s salary structure, otherwise Royce will definitely leave the club this summer. You know, for a big club in Europe, what 25 million of termination Waldo is not. ”

Although it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, but had been rumored and Royce came Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich side, but has abandoned plans to introduce Royce. According to German media “Bild” exclusive news that Bayern has decided to abandon the introduction of Royce’s plan. According to the “Bild” the source said Bayern coach Pep Guardiola as early as a few weeks ago and Bayern executives had expressed his attitude, he made it clear that he is very appreciate Royce, Royce is a very good player, but he does not need Royce, so Bayern does not intend to introduce this outstanding German winger up.

Currently Royce and Dortmund’s contract to expire until the summer of 2017, but his contract termination fee provisions will take effect this summer, worth only 25 million euros. In the case of Bayern withdraw from the competition, the Premier League club Manchester City, Chelsea, La Liga clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona became the most likely team to introduce Royce. Which Manchester City have tried contacting Royce, Royce and willing to give out 12 million euros in annual salary, the figure in the German player Bastian Schweinsteiger only Bi Lamu and lower. The La Liga is Royce always wanted to join the league, his childhood favorite team is the Barcelona, he is also learning Spanish. But Barcelona is in a FIFA ban period, Royce estimate difficult to join.

Where To Get Cheap Chelsea 2014 2015 Jerseys Online

Shop the web’s most complete 2015 Chelsea FC Store. Support your favorite Chelsea players with Nike Chelsea FC Jerseys, Shirts and Jackets. Chelsea Football Club – The Chelsea F.C. Blues and their stadium, Stamford Bridge, have been host to some of the greatest soccer matches of all time.

Chelsea and Manchester City will conduct a top World War II this weekend, it can be said to be a $ 600-point game. According to British media, “Daily Mail” message before the game, Manchester City midfielder Nasri being sidelined on their own account INS drying out of a spa map, and expressed hope to return to the track as soon as possible to help team.


Manchester City are now second in the league, and there are five points behind Chelsea. Weekend’s league, the two teams will be quitting soon as Chelsea win, two points difference is that the team will be expanded to eight points, although there is a long season, but for Mourinho, he will not the eight-point advantage easily lost. If Manchester City win, the two teams points gap will be narrowed to 2 points, the Premiership champions suspense will reopen.

The face of “Battle of King Mountain,” this championship, Manchester City team up and down very seriously. Although the Blue Moon midfielder Nasri injury until mid-February to return, he will also miss the game, but the Frenchman was in on his own account INS drying out of a spa map, photos Nasri being spa in your own home, watching Nasri injury recovery, perhaps because relatively smoothly in a good mood, smiling from the photo. In the photo, he wrote: “at home to relax, I will do my best to return to the team as soon as possible.”

Although not representative of the team played Chelsea, but Nasri before the war to upload this picture is intended to give the team cheered. He looked after his own back injury, will not be left behind Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

Nasri missed the Battle of the Blues have been identified, and in addition to the French court, Yaya Toure and Boniface two players because of the absence of Battle Nations Cup match Chelsea. Trio’s absence will give Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini formations impact. Chelsea may also occur while people are not the whole, a small law in the League Cup injury leave, the injury is unknown, and the new World of Warcraft team Diego – Costa because of violence in the League Cup FA has been charged with a foul, it is likely suffer suspensions.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas admits he had not considered the effect of Mourinho

Chelsea 3rd Kit midfielder Cesc Fabregas admits he had not considered the effect of Mourinho, but Chelsea is his most want to beat the opponent. Small law Mourinho and Guardiola does not think different, they are all winners.

Small law debut in Barcelona, returned to Barcelona after Arsenal fame, while Real Madrid coach was Mike Mussina. He joined the Gunners last summer’s London rivals Chelsea, told Spanish media of “national newspaper” interview, a small law said he had not previously considered for Mourinho effect:. “Three years ago I have not considered this explanation of how life unpredictable, especially soccer. When we and Mourinho is very hostile, but never reached the degree of hatred, not even close to hate, but we are not with him and Terry and Chelsea, I always want to beat the best team. “when Terry joined Chelsea last year is how to greet a small law it? “He told me everything you can find him.”

Mourinho and Guardiola are two football marshal year, two at Real Madrid played against Barcelona during the times, people talked about their contest. Mike Mussina and small law melon handsome arm are playing football, he said the two are not as different from the outside world describes it: “They both have an important similarities, they are all winners, hate to lose that they are very different is wrong. ”

Small law has yet to get off the Champions League, Arsenal in 2006 he co-finals, but lost to former club Barcelona, he hopes this season, he won big ears Cup at Chelsea: “I hope to get at least one Champions League. at the same time I do not want to indulge in the Champions League, I want Chelsea to win everything. ”

Some time ago to leave Barcelona Messi Chelsea transfer rumors swirling, small law allegedly played a “Behind the scenes” instigation Messi joined the Blues, but he denied the rumors. Small law also praised team-mate Lionel Messi Azar is the Blues: “Physically the two of them can do some comparison, Azar not tall, strong, grab his balls, he is very honest, never. easily fall, always wants the ball, no exaggerated performances, is a very good player. he has the strength of great achievements, but he wants to be more decisive in front of a few. ”

Small law also 2015 Chelsea Jerseys tells a different location in Chelsea and Barcelona: “My position is closer than the rear when in Barcelona, but more involved in the game, every game the ball 90 or 100 times, I miss this time in Barcelona feeling, when I play forward, you need the ball back from the field. “