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Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Royal Madrid Football Club), commonly known as Real Madrid, is the most successful club in Spanish football. By the early 1940s the manager changed the Real Madrid football kits again by adding buttons to the shirt and the club’s crest on the left breast (which have remained ever since). Real’s traditional away colours are all black or all purple. The club’s kit is currently manufactured by Adidas whose contract extends from 1998. The first Real Madrid soccer jerseys sponsor, Zanussi, agreed for the 1982–83, 1983–84 and 1984–85 seasons. Then, in 2002, a deal was signed with Siemens Mobile and in 2006, the BenQ Siemens logo appeared on the club’s shirt. Real Madrid’s current soccer jerseys sponsor is bwin following the economic problems of BenQ Siemens.


Real Madrid’s 2020 plan, in a few hours ago has been hit. Real Madrid are keen to collect the boy genius, and hope they will be around in 2020 to become the core strength. Battaglia is a riverbed goalkeeper, this prodigy is currently with the National Youth Team in South America Argentina U20 Youth Championship. According to the “Aspen” reported that Real Madrid had reached an agreement Battaglia and riverbed of the transfer, but eventually had to because they can not catch up with the registration date and give him

Under normal circumstances, the Spanish winter transfer deadline, is the annual at 0:00 on February 1. But this year, this time has been moved up to at 0:00 on January 31, which is 7:00 GMT today. Real Madrid and the bed was already settled Battaglia’s move, but could not catch up before the deadline for the completion of the relevant procedures and for his registration, the Whites had to temporarily abandon him. Real commit such a mistake, do not know that this year is likely to be ahead of the winter transfer deadline day.

Five years ago, Real Madrid had done such embarrassments. In the 2010 winter transfer deadline, Real Madrid and Manchester City settled Gago € 18 million transfer. But because the two sides could not in time before the deadline to submit the relevant information the FA and the Spanish Football Federation, Gago move ultimately did not succeed, the Argentines had to stay at Real Madrid continue bench. Today, Gago, has mixed back to Argentina.

Speaking of young players, Odo high B team debut is likely to be staged. According to the “Aspen” reported that Real Madrid has officially completed high Odo registered, he is already an official of the Real Madrid B team players. This means that the Norwegians now ready to be played for Zidane’s team.

Yesterday “Aspen” that Manchester United are ready to purchase Bell 150 million euros. Today, Clement gives Real Madrid assistant responded: “I do not know the rumors come from, but I really good relationship and Bell, we communicate every day he was relieved at Real Madrid, he never told me he was not. happy, or that he wanted to return to England and Real Madrid to sign him long, over the next four or five years he will be a leader Real Madrid. ”

“Confidential report” Not long ago declared Florentino Bell hopes to replace C Ronaldo, Real Madrid became the banner. Bell gives responded today:. “I really never wanted to compete and C Ronaldo, Real Madrid when I come to know that he is Real Madrid’s big brother, he is a fantastic player, look at his field goals on the line I respect him, we get along very well, whether it is inside or outside. “

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Chelsea and Manchester City will conduct a top World War II this weekend, it can be said to be a $ 600-point game. According to British media, “Daily Mail” message before the game, Manchester City midfielder Nasri being sidelined on their own account INS drying out of a spa map, and expressed hope to return to the track as soon as possible to help team.


Manchester City are now second in the league, and there are five points behind Chelsea. Weekend’s league, the two teams will be quitting soon as Chelsea win, two points difference is that the team will be expanded to eight points, although there is a long season, but for Mourinho, he will not the eight-point advantage easily lost. If Manchester City win, the two teams points gap will be narrowed to 2 points, the Premiership champions suspense will reopen.

The face of “Battle of King Mountain,” this championship, Manchester City team up and down very seriously. Although the Blue Moon midfielder Nasri injury until mid-February to return, he will also miss the game, but the Frenchman was in on his own account INS drying out of a spa map, photos Nasri being spa in your own home, watching Nasri injury recovery, perhaps because relatively smoothly in a good mood, smiling from the photo. In the photo, he wrote: “at home to relax, I will do my best to return to the team as soon as possible.”

Although not representative of the team played Chelsea, but Nasri before the war to upload this picture is intended to give the team cheered. He looked after his own back injury, will not be left behind Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

Nasri missed the Battle of the Blues have been identified, and in addition to the French court, Yaya Toure and Boniface two players because of the absence of Battle Nations Cup match Chelsea. Trio’s absence will give Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini formations impact. Chelsea may also occur while people are not the whole, a small law in the League Cup injury leave, the injury is unknown, and the new World of Warcraft team Diego – Costa because of violence in the League Cup FA has been charged with a foul, it is likely suffer suspensions.

Boge Ba Juve once again become the focus of world

Boge Ba Juve once again become the world’s spotlight. With the recent perfect performance, coupled with the broker Layiaola campaign, the French striker boarded the front pages of major Italian sports media, around which public opinion has become a hot topic of social status, as well as the ball comes immediately City rumors. “Football Market” quoted the British “Sun” the source said, the Manchester City midfielder for Juventus out of a total of € 60 million offer.

Since joining Juventus in the summer of 2012, quickly catapulted Boge Ba-class players from the star, and now has been regarded as one of the best all-round midfielder in football today. French position in the Bianconeri have steadily improved this season, as the team leader of a great meaning, more important game dedicated high optical performance, especially after the winter break, chasing not only play the more stable the past three league games scored consecutive goals to break a deadlock, and sometimes the limelight without the two.

Coincided with the winter window period, eye-catching performance Boge Ba, natural and ultimately the ball City scandal, Paris and Madrid again with Golden Boy sparks. With Manchester City after suitors unwilling people, the first shot to compete for the French striker. According to the British “Sun” reported, Blue Moon, as the Boge Ba for Yaya – Toure successor to long-term planning as well as the central figure in the team, for the gold master to avoid confrontation with other considerations, ahead of former rival for Juventus Jerseys midfielder offer.

Manchester City have Juve struggled to catch array of Vidic not, Pellegrini artificial entry point to Montenegro, headed toward the French. Blue Moon is reported out of the 40 million euros in cash, will be used as a bargaining chip Vidic into the transaction. JoJo1 worth a half years ago for 30 million euros (26 million +400 million bonus), this stage has shrunk to 20 million euros worth of up and down, so the total amount of about Manchester City offer 60 million euros.

€ 60 million is definitely not a small number, but want to poach Boge Ba was impossible. Brokers Layiaola recently re holding high the golden boy, claiming that “Boge Ba is the most expensive player, more than Messi and C Luo,” Juve coach Allegri is very real, mildly bid against Chievo on Sunday after a billion euros, this figure is generally regarded as their bottom line for the Bianconeri. According to research firm Cies European football projections, Boge Ba this summer is expected to reach 110 million euros worth of high, even after two years of 150 million euros a breakthrough possible. Therefore, from every point of view, Manchester City’s asking price is too shabby indeed, Juventus executives refused to be a not difficult to understand.

Manchester unfavorable test the water, can summer window is winning the battle of the Boge Ba. Layiaola repeatedly said that it is possible to say goodbye to summer Frenchman Juventus, Manchester City Jerseys will be listed as “8 has the ability to complete the acquisition of the team,” one can see half a year after the Blue Moon is bound to initiate a more violent offensive, holding about Wei Diqi Pellegrini’s trump card may not match for Real Madrid and Paris Tyrant.

League Real Madrid midfielder scored 3.6 goals

New Year, Real Madrid this weekend in Valencia of going off war. Before this tough battle, “Aspen” column of data with the way the team cheering for Real Madrid. The “Aspen” talking about Real Madrid unparalleled attack.

In La Liga, Real Madrid 15 games and scored 55 goals, averaging 3.6 goals ball. Five leagues in Europe, this attack is the top. Barcelona ranked second in the league, but scored only 41 goals 16 war, averaged 2.56 into the ball. Chelsea and Manchester City have scored in 20 league goals in 44 games, averaging 2.2 goals ball. In the Bundesliga, Bayern 17 games and scored 41 goals, averaged 2.4 into the ball. In Serie A, Juventus 16 war 34 goals scored, averaged 2.13 into the ball. Lyon in Ligue 19 games and scored 40 goals, averaged 2.1 into the ball.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid’s attack ranked second. Chelsea scored 17 in six games beseech thee, averaging 2.83 goals ball. Real Madrid, Porto and Bayern have scored 16 goals, averaging 2.67 goals ball. Although the scoring rate is slightly inferior to Chelsea, but Real Madrid record is much better. Real Madrid 6 straight victories, Chelsea 4 wins and 2 draws.

Real Madrid squad, scorer C Lo undisputed status. In 15 league, C-14 appearances and scored 25 goals, averaged 1.78 into the ball. Macy ranked second in the league top scorer, but less than the C Luo into 10 balls. Diego – Costa and Sergio Aguero is currently leading scorer in the Premier League, scoring 14 goals for the number. Lacazette in the French leading scorer, he scored 18 goals. Tevez scored 10 goals in Serie A top scorer was already at this stage, and scored 13 goals in the second half of the Bundesliga Golden Boot Meyer is.

Including Bell and Benzema, Real Madrid scored 40 Trident BBC in 15 league goals. Looking at Europe’s top five leagues, only four teams in the total number of goals contribution higher than BBC Three. Barcelona and Bayern Munich before the winter break, have scored 41 goals. And at the end of the Premier League after tonight, Manchester City and Chelsea have scored 44 goals. In other words, the five other teams in the league the team goals are less than or equal to the value of the contribution of BBC Three.