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Top 5 Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017

Top 5 Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017.

Here we are trying to build up a top 10 list of highest selling club soccer jerseys. These number of football jersey sale depends on their trophies, titles, big transfers and famous players count. We are here presenting the elite clubs who have the biggest sales and who make millions in revenues only by selling their club soccer jerseys. Oh, of course this does not include the tens of millions of fake and knock-off jerseys which flood the market every year and everywhere.


Highest selling club soccer jerseys:

It is also is important to keep in mind when going through this list that the figures are for official replica jerseys only.

Let’s check out, which clubs dominate the soccer jersey sales per year!

10. AC Milan – 350,000 jerseys annual ,Estimated total sales: 350,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Kaka, Balotelli

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Abbiati

AC Milan is Italy’s one of the most known soccer clubs in history. This name proudly represents the Italians in the European championships almost every year.

Nicknamed the Rossoneri, AC Milan have one of the classic and most distinguishable jerseys within the complete football world. Since its foundation in 1899, red and black have been the traditional colors of the club. And the traditional away jersey is all white with black and white trim.

Like most other clubs they have another jersey namely the third jersey or the third kit. Milan’s third club soccer jersey is mostly gold in color and it changes in color and design from year to year.

Adidas manufactures the club’s kits and the Dubai-based, Emirates Airline is their sponsor. Undoubtedly the total jersey sale amount per year confirms that they are one of the most wanted of the top 10 highest selling club soccer jerseys in the world.

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Football kits manufacturer: Adidas

Sponsor: Emirates Airlines (Dubai-based)

Naturally most of the AC Milan fans try to have one of the traditional black and red jerseys for them. But when you actually don’t find it, the second jersey (white with black and red trims on every margins) or the so called away jersey is ultimate hope. This one is also the traditional color which everyone can recognize as the expected Soccer club fan.

Ac Milan have some unique players that actually impress the fans and make money for the club. Likely names like Mario Balotelli the center forward and left wing Stephan El Shaarawy generate a great number of club soccer jerseys sale each year. Another noticeable thing is about their former superstar footballers. Kaka, Paolo Maldini and Ronaldinho are still considered cash to the club as for jersey sales. And the most unlikely big sale jersey name is Abbiati.

In the last few years they have made it to the top highest selling club soccer jerseys. The gross sum amount is 350,000 copies football shirts per year. Right now they are considered the 10th of most sold soccer jerseys in the world (beating teams like Paris Saint Germain, Dortmund, Marseille and Manchester City. These teams have recorded for selling soccer jerseys of around 250,000 per year).

9. Inter Milan – 425,000 jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 425,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Zanetti, Palacio, Nagatomo

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Mariga

Inter Milan has taken over their city rivals in this jersey selling competition. Last year they have successfully counted around 425,000 club soccer jerseys sale around the world.

Officially known as F.C. Internazionale Milano, Inter Milan is also the league rival for the famous AC Milan. Inter Milan’s home jersey is made up of vertical black and blue bars which lends itself to the club nickname, which is Nerazzurri (means black and blue). Their away jersey is white with black and blue used for the trim on the sleeves and collar.

Inter’s jersey is manufactured by Nike, which is the primary competitor to Adidas. And the Milan-based famous manufacturer Pirelli is their sponsor.

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Football kits manufacturer: Nike

Sponsor: Pirelli (Milan-based)

Having a close look at the color combination for the club’s soccer jersey, it is easy to figure out that their prime rivalry is very much present with the dress code. Though, they passed AC Milan in this marketing competition they have to struggle because this year the chance to win a place in the Europa League competition. The only thing that they have to do is to pass qualification.

The 18th time Italian Champions also make their great amount of revenue from selling jerseys. They have also some famous and big names playing in their team, which in turn responsible for supplying great numbers of jerseys throughout the world market.

Sometimes former big names like Esteban Cambiasso, Luis Figo and Javier Zanetti contribute for the sale. Even we shouldn’t forget to acknowledge the names like Palacio, Ricardo Álvarez and new transfer Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United. And here the most unlikely big selling soccer jersey name is Mariga. Undoubtedly, next year these names will generate such a possibility to rise up in the list of top 10 highest selling club soccer jerseys 2015.

Inter Milan have averaged official jersey sales of 425,000 per year. Italian League and Champions League success is probably another cause of their great amount of official jersey sales.

8. Juventus – 480,000 jerseys annual


Estimated total sales: 480,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Pirlo, Pogba, Tevez

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Quagliarella

The holder of the last three titles in a row in Serie A. They are the record owner of most league titles and also ranking top as the most selling soccer jersey team from Italy last year.

Another Serie A club, Juventus was founded in 1897. They play their home games in Turin, Italy. They are Nicknamed the Bianconeri because of their black and white team colors combination. Juventus have won a record 29 league titles in the history of Italy Football. Juventus soccer jerseys are featured with distinct vertical black and white bars. This is their home jersey. The away jersey is yellow. They have also their third kit which is black.

Right now, Juventus have recorded for the highest selling club soccer jerseys in the peninsula. This is probably all credited for their last success the team they arranged in the past years.

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Football kits manufacturer: Nike

Sponsor: Jeep (division of Chrysler Group)

To be very specific, their home jersey is designed with black and white vertical stripe. While the away kit is yellow with black and white to the neck and sleeve trims. Like all other big names in European club football, Juventus also have some important names. The center forwarder Fernando Llorente, Paul Pogba and striker Carlos Tevez or Andrea Pirlo who makes the fans go out. And probably make buying their jerseys must.

Unusual but truth is that their older and more passionate fans still buy jerseys who belong to the actual captain Gianluigi Buffon. Former players (Alessandro Del Piero) are also contributing here with the soccer jersey sale.

The average yearly official jersey sales of around 480,000 have placed them on number 8 of the top 10 highest selling club soccer jerseys in the world. And first for the Italian soccer clubs.

Being Nike their official football kit manufacturer, they have got sponsorship from Jeep, which is actually the car division of Chrysler Group. Though they are far from the next position. But still they can hope to remain on this list and consolidate their jersey sales. Another thing to be noted, the new transferred player from Real Madrid, Alvaro Morata can be considered a very good opportunity for them to increase the football shirts sale.

7. Arsenal – 800,000 jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 800,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Bendtner, Diaby

Arsenal is probably one of the most marketable clubs in the world. Their soccer jerseys sale number is magically double of the number 8 place. Arsenal is right now at the 7th of the list of top 10 highest selling club soccer jerseys with near around 800,000 shirts sale per year.

Founded in 1886, Arsenal can be considered as one of the most successful clubs in English football. They have achieved 13 league titles and 10 FA Cups in total. Nicknamed the Gunners, Arsenal play their home matches at the Emirates Stadium in North London.

Arsenal’s home jersey is red with white sleeves. Their away jersey is also yellow. Currently they are getting Nike as their football kits manufacturer. Though probably they are moving for Puma as manufacturer. Their sponsorship is provided by the Dubai-based Emirates Airline (like Milan).

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Football kits manufacturer: Nike (moving for Puma)

Sponsor: Emirates Airlines (Dubai-based)

Arsenal have also got big superstar names with them, which turns the soccer jersey sale increment. Some important names are Teo Walcott, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil. The newly transferred Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona is for sure a great opportunity in jersey selling for the upcoming seasons.

The club management is hoping that their player skill prove otherwise. Especially for the not big selling names like Abou Diaby or Lukas Podolski.

As we know, Barclays Premier League is the World’s no 1 most watched football league. And EPL is expanding its popularity day by day, which is probably another cause that Arsenal rank at number 7 for the soccer t shirt selling list.

6. Liverpool – 810,000 jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 810,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Suarez, Coutinho, Sturridge

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Kolo Toure

Ranking at number five last year’s League standings, Liverpool topped the number six for soccer jersey selling competition. They are just taking over their rival at no 7th by only 10,000 more jerseys per year. That means right now they are actually selling almost 810,000 club soccer jerseys per year. These great numbers are also boosted by their former members like Jamie Carragher and Luis Suarez from last season transfer.

Liverpool is another giant of English Premier League Football. With 18 league titles, the Reds are the most successful English team in Europe with 11 Cups, notably 5 European/Champions League titles. They have their home jersey completely red. Though there is some form of white trim on the collar and sleeves. Liverpool’s away jersey is white, black and red. Their third kit is a bizarre creation of black, white, purple and grey. Their traditional football kit manufacturer is Adidas and sponsorship is provided by the British bank, Standard Chartered.

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Football kits manufacturer: Warrior (after Adidas deal canceled)

Sponsor: Standard Chartered Bank (British)

Liverpool actually generates their jersey selling revenue with only a few some players like the center forward Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard. At this stage we must point about their former infamous Luis Suarez who have moved to the Spanish giants Barcelona last season. This may vary a little for the football shirts sale.

Liverpool hopes to remain at the position of highest selling club soccer jerseys next year. Though some say that at the end of the 2014/2015 season, Liverpool is going to lose the jersey selling situation.

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