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Where to buy Portugal 2015 Away Soccer Jerseys

Where to buy Portugal 2015 Away Soccer Jerseys.Portugal National Soccer Team – Coming from a strong soccer nation, the Portugal national soccer team was a 2006 World Cup semifinalist. As a member of the UEFA confederation, this team has demonstrated their staying power through successful campaigns at not only the World Cup, but also other international competitions such as their runner-up finish at the 2004 European Championship. The Portugal national soccer team roster has players from club teams around the world, adding depth and determination to their squad. Passionate Portugal fans buy all your Portuguese soccer gear including the Portugal Cheap soccer jerseys

Where to buy Portugal 2015 Away Soccer Jerseys
Where to buy Portugal 2015 Away Soccer Jerseys

he Portugal 2015/16 away kit was officially launched on Thursday by Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF) technical sponsor Nike. The black kit may see action on March 29th when captain Cristiano Ronaldo and his team meet Serbia in a EURO 2016 qualifying match.

According to Nike: The Portugal National Football Team will take the pitch in a new away kit adorned with national symbols and colors inspired by the team’s playing style. The team is renowned for their trickery and skill, attitude and flair.

The kit marks a return to a predominantly black, bold design. The shirt features a unique new chest band: a speed graphic consisting of electric green and vivid red light ray flashes, reflecting the team’s fast-paced style of football.

The green and red flashes draw inspiration from the Portuguese national flag and give the effect of having been painted on the black canvas of the away shirt. The two colors move in different directions, the red from the right and the green from the left.

The rest of the away shirt is black, a popular color previously worn by Portugal, with a new Nike-specific streamlined, clean and modern V–neck collar in black with a red ribbed band at the back.

Inside the back of the neck, a pennant tab features an armillary sphere, an ancient navigational device, to represent Portugal’s seafaring history. Celebrated Portuguese explorers used armillary spheres to travel around the globe. The tool has been a national symbol for more than 500 years and rests behind the Portuguese shield on the national flag.

The old typefaces used on traditional Portuguese signage inspired the creation of a unique font for the names and numbers on the back of Portugal’s new away shirt. The numbers and letters are both modern and Art Deco in style, possessing a distinct fluidity and sense of movement.

The away shorts are black, while the away socks are also black with a wide tonal stripe of chevrons on the calf.

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This is Portugal’s new away jersey for 2015/16, the new alternate kit for the Portuguese national team. Made by Nike, the new Portugal away kit was officially unveiled on 19th March, 2015, but was leaked on our site before, and official pics have proved those leaks to be true. Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and his team mates will be donning a black shirt on their international travels during 15/16, with the jersey also featuring red and green, the main colours of the Portuguese flag

Each colour dominates one end in the centre, moving in opposite directions, as the pic below tells us, and gradually reduces as you go towards the other end. The flashes reflect the Portuguese national team’s fast pace of playing.

As with previous shirts, the new kit features an an armillary sphere inside the back of the neck.

The jersey is paired with both black shorts and socks.

When The Portugal 2015-2016 Away Soccer Jerseys Released

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Portugal’s 2015 takes inspiration from the Portuguese style of play, which includes a bold attitude, trickery, skill, flair and showmanship with Ronaldo as the main driver.





The black jersey reflects Portugal’s blazing speed on the field, with a electric green and vivid red light ray flash graphic across the chest. V-neck collar features a red band on the neck, which has an ancient navigational logo pennant inside to honor Portugal’s history as a seafaring national.
The symbol is also part of the Portugal shield on the national flag. On the back, Art Deco-style numbers are letters are taken from traditional signage in Portugal. Dri-FIT technology. Polyester.
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