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Where to buy English Premier League club Stoke City Soccer Jerseys

Where to buy English Premier League club Stoke City Soccer Jerseys,English Premier League club Stoke City today announced that Italian sportswear manufacturer Macron will make the Stoke City Kits from the 2016-17 season for at least four years. The Potters also revealed the first teaser images of the first-ever Macron home kit.Macron supply technical apparel to more than 40 professional clubs across the continent including Sporting Lisbon, Napoli, Lazio and Real Betis, as well as Crystal Palace.


Where to buy English Premier League club Stoke City Soccer Jerseys
Where to buy English Premier League club Stoke City Soccer Jerseys
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Where to buy America 2014-2015 Home Soccer Jerseys

America 2014-2015 Home Soccer Jersey on discount. Put on this and support your team! Free Shipping! Club America’s new home jersey is a pale yellow that is a tribute to the jerseys the team wore when they first launched back in 1916.


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Premier League Crystal Palace announced on the club’s official website, the team signed from Manchester United winger Zaha, signing five and a half years until the summer of 2020. According to media reports, Crystal Palace, Manchester United will pay 3 million pounds transfer fee, and based on the performance of Jah, and then pays a certain amount of floating funds. Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United finally signed, two years ago, the introduction of 15 million, now 3 million sold, playing two sold off.

Jah is the Crystal Palace train talents, 10 years less than in the Crystal Palace youth, 2012, Zaha also get Hodgson’s call, on behalf of the England national team. January 2013, Manchester United Zaha from Crystal Palace to introduce, to reach 15 million pounds transfer fee. But Jah did not report directly to Manchester United, but continue to stay at the Crystal Palace, the rest of the tournament after playing the 2012-13 season, Zaha helped Crystal Palace into the Premiership success.

2013 Zaha summer officially came to Manchester United, but the England teenager Moyes not appreciate the entire 2013-14 season, Manchester United played in only two Premier League matches, the 2014 winter transfer window, Zaha has been on loan to Crystal Palace. The summer of 2014, Manchester United will be on loan to Crystal Palace Jah, on loan for a year. This season, Jah 15 Premiership appearances and scored 1 goal.

It is worth mentioning that, Jah is signed before the final sum retirement Ferguson at Manchester United. When Ferguson had quite happy to sign Zaha, Zaha has long expressed concern Manchester United. Unfortunately, there is no direct Zaha to join Manchester United, but sublet six months, that is Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in the last six months. By the time came Zaha Manchester United coach David Moyes does not appreciate him. There’s even gossip spread: Jah and Moyes was caught having an affair raped daughter in bed, but this was denied party.

Back to Crystal Palace, Jah said he was pleased: “In the Premier League, have the opportunity to become a Crystal Palace, it’s like a dream come true.” Regardless of whether it is a dream come true, but fled the United definitely get rid of the nightmare. In theory, the Manchester United player’s 2-year period, two Premier League appearances Jah 26 minutes, played 78 minutes in the League Cup, Community Shield played 61 minutes, Champions League, FA 0 appearances, as the goal, all is 0.

Where To Get Cheap Chelsea 2014 2015 Jerseys Online

Shop the web’s most complete 2015 Chelsea FC Store. Support your favorite Chelsea players with Nike Chelsea FC Jerseys, Shirts and Jackets. Chelsea Football Club – The Chelsea F.C. Blues and their stadium, Stamford Bridge, have been host to some of the greatest soccer matches of all time.

Chelsea and Manchester City will conduct a top World War II this weekend, it can be said to be a $ 600-point game. According to British media, “Daily Mail” message before the game, Manchester City midfielder Nasri being sidelined on their own account INS drying out of a spa map, and expressed hope to return to the track as soon as possible to help team.


Manchester City are now second in the league, and there are five points behind Chelsea. Weekend’s league, the two teams will be quitting soon as Chelsea win, two points difference is that the team will be expanded to eight points, although there is a long season, but for Mourinho, he will not the eight-point advantage easily lost. If Manchester City win, the two teams points gap will be narrowed to 2 points, the Premiership champions suspense will reopen.

The face of “Battle of King Mountain,” this championship, Manchester City team up and down very seriously. Although the Blue Moon midfielder Nasri injury until mid-February to return, he will also miss the game, but the Frenchman was in on his own account INS drying out of a spa map, photos Nasri being spa in your own home, watching Nasri injury recovery, perhaps because relatively smoothly in a good mood, smiling from the photo. In the photo, he wrote: “at home to relax, I will do my best to return to the team as soon as possible.”

Although not representative of the team played Chelsea, but Nasri before the war to upload this picture is intended to give the team cheered. He looked after his own back injury, will not be left behind Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

Nasri missed the Battle of the Blues have been identified, and in addition to the French court, Yaya Toure and Boniface two players because of the absence of Battle Nations Cup match Chelsea. Trio’s absence will give Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini formations impact. Chelsea may also occur while people are not the whole, a small law in the League Cup injury leave, the injury is unknown, and the new World of Warcraft team Diego – Costa because of violence in the League Cup FA has been charged with a foul, it is likely suffer suspensions.

Falcao into the lowest in five years

On soccerrelease a Premier League, Manchester United’s 1-1 draw away to Stoke City, while Falcao in the 26th minute scored a goal for Manchester United. This is Falcao scored in the Premier League this season, the first three goals, recently Falcao gradually won the trust of Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal and continue to get the first opportunity. However, “Daily Mail” or pointed out this season Falcao scoring rate has dropped significantly compared to the past, if he wants to convince Manchester United buyout ourselves, we must come up with a better performance.


Manchester United last summer in a row big signings and loan from Monaco to Falcao, while the provisions of the contract at the end of this season, Manchester United have the right to spend 43 million pounds to its buyout. But after joining Manchester United Falcao first affected by injuries, poor performance later in the game, once in the squad reduced to the bottom front bench, and even 19-year-old young striker Wilson was the first opportunity he can beat . Although the state has gone up in recent weeks Falcao, but the data shows that he still needs further efforts.

“Daily Mail” statistics of the last five seasons in the league Falcao’s performance, in which he played the 2010-11 season in the Portuguese Porto, played two seasons in La Liga Atletico Madrid 2011-13, played 2013-14 season in Monaco, in the Premier League this season, Manchester United. In five seasons, Falcao scored the highest rate of the 2012-13 season, when he played 34 league games and scored 28 goals in Atletico Madrid, averaging 0.82 goals up. Falcao this season in the Premier League only 12 games, 3 goals, field goals were only 0.25, the lowest value in the last five seasons.

Falcao is not only scoring rate dropped significantly, and even the number of shots is also reduced. 2010-11 season, he was a total of 37 in Porto shots in goal range, and 31 shots out of the goal range, averaging 3.1 shots total. In two seasons with Atletico Madrid’s Falcao shots were averaged 3.2 and 2.9, in Morocco 2013-14 season he averaged 2.4 per game shots there. But this season at Manchester United, Falcao averaged shots down to 1.4 times, including 0.9 shot is 0.5 times Shepian.

As can be seen from the above data, while Falcao scoring rate fell sharply indeed, less than one-third of the peak of their own. Reduce the number of shots the other hand you can say test and did not get the core position in Manchester, in the past both in Porto, Atletico Madrid, Monaco, Falcao is the team’s top striker, will work hard for his teammates create more opportunities. And to such giants Manchester United after Falcao Zhongxingpengyue not enjoy that kind of treatment in the past, they may have to make sacrifices for Rooney, Robin van Persie and create space to attack. Over the past four seasons Falcao teammates number of small, but this season he has three assists, which also reflects the position in the team Falcao change.

Manchester United this season, the introduction of Falcao spent £ 6,000,000 loan fees, and offered him £ 285,000 weekly salary, but so far, Falcao’s performance is not satisfactory. “Daily Mail” The statistics show that the state of Falcao worst last five seasons, he has no longer had the brave, and this is likely to be seriously injured by the impact of last season. Judge a striker is to score the most authoritative data, apparently Falcao has not done enough in this regard, if Falcao is the only way to play the next, then the next season he will not be able to stay at Old Trafford