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5 TOP CLUBS Soccer Jerseys Sale Now

5 TOP CLUBS Soccer Jerseys Sale Now,What if soccer clubs decided to change their shirt for Christmas? Soccer365 teams-up once again with La Casaca! to imagine some special edition jerseys for some of Europe’s mightiest clubs for the holidays. Take a look at some jolly creations for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester united, Chelsea FC and Paris Saint-Germain.

Nothing says Christmas like a Santa Hat, and this Real Madrid jersey features it on the club logo. Add some Christmas Tree decorations to complete the festive look. Surely Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. wouldn’t mind wearing this one.

5 TOP CLUBS Soccer Jerseys Sale Now
5 TOP CLUBS Soccer Jerseys Sale Now

FC Barcelona are proud to represent Catalunya, and Catalan for ‘Merry Christmas’ would be definitely the words of choice to put under their crest. Some Christmas Candy detailing appears on the neck and sleeves for a sweet looking finish (no pun intended).

Subtle and nice, just like how Englishmen like it. This Manchester United jersey changes the inner neck detail for the celebration, also including snowflakes on the front hexagons and a nice detailing over the shield to show their Christmas spirit.

There’s surely no English happier than the folks at Chelsea FC. Their winning streak seems to know no end and the top of the table is secured for the holidays, so some Christmas additions to their home jersey would come perfect for the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge.

Paris Saint-Germain are struggling to find their way to the top of the Ligue 1 without Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but they’re still one of the most popular clubs around the globe. This holiday jersey sees a subtle modification to the red stripes to include a Christmas Tree shape, while also giving a more festive look to the Eiffel Tower on the badge.

Where to buy 2015 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Soccer Jerseys

Where to buy 2015 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Soccer Jerseys New Soccer Release

1.Men’s Adidas Real Madrid #7 Cristiano Ronaldo Authentic Blue Away Short Shirt 15/16 Spain Futbol Club Soccer Jersey

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Borussia Dortmund Jerseys top players in Europe Royce has been the team’s game, although he is now worth up to 50 million euros, but this summer Royce contract termination fee provisions will take effect, but only 25 million euros. For the brightest European despots, the Royce which termination fee of 25 million euros, but the “cabbage price” Bale. There had been news that the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich intentionally Royce, which allows Dortmund aspects angry. But recently the German media “Bild” broke the news that Bayern coach Pep Guardiola made it clear that does not require Royce, so Bayern gave up the plan.

In an interview, the former Germany captain, 2015 Bayern Munich Jerseys legend Kahn expressly Royce € 25 million termination fee for any one of the big clubs, it is worth mentioning things, any teams can easily pulled out the money, “There is no doubt that it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, if they can not get the Champions League qualification, then there is no possibility to stay Royce team up. To leave Royce, Dortmund must be thoroughly shaken the team’s salary structure, otherwise Royce will definitely leave the club this summer. You know, for a big club in Europe, what 25 million of termination Waldo is not. ”

Although it is difficult to leave Dortmund Royce, but had been rumored and Royce came Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich side, but has abandoned plans to introduce Royce. According to German media “Bild” exclusive news that Bayern has decided to abandon the introduction of Royce’s plan. According to the “Bild” the source said Bayern coach Pep Guardiola as early as a few weeks ago and Bayern executives had expressed his attitude, he made it clear that he is very appreciate Royce, Royce is a very good player, but he does not need Royce, so Bayern does not intend to introduce this outstanding German winger up.

Currently Royce and Dortmund’s contract to expire until the summer of 2017, but his contract termination fee provisions will take effect this summer, worth only 25 million euros. In the case of Bayern withdraw from the competition, the Premier League club Manchester City, Chelsea, La Liga clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona became the most likely team to introduce Royce. Which Manchester City have tried contacting Royce, Royce and willing to give out 12 million euros in annual salary, the figure in the German player Bastian Schweinsteiger only Bi Lamu and lower. The La Liga is Royce always wanted to join the league, his childhood favorite team is the Barcelona, he is also learning Spanish. But Barcelona is in a FIFA ban period, Royce estimate difficult to join.

Torres celebrates scoring with teammates

2014/15 season, the Spanish King’s Cup 1/8 final first leg at the Vicente Calderon stadium staged a highlight, at home against Atletico Madrid Jerseys city feud. The first half both teams were not scoring in the second half Raul – Garcia penalty to break the deadlock, Jimenez headed accomplishment. Atletico Madrid 2-0 final win over Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti’s team suffered two defeats in 2015, according to New Year’s Eve to count if Real Madrid is a three-game losing streak, four-time winner on December 31 last year, had a warm-up match in Dubai Milan lost 2-4. Beijing at 4:00 on January 15, the two sides will contest the second leg at the Bernabeu stadium.

Madrid duo fight 163 times total in history, Real Madrid 88 wins and 36 losses dominate 39 level. Last season the two teams met was in the King’s Cup semi-final, Real Madrid 3-0, 2-0 double play Atletico. Champions League final last season, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in overtime. Before the start of this season’s Super Cup West, Atletico Madrid won 1-0. The two sides played against last place in La Liga this season, 3, 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid. Personnel, Atletico bench + main discharge mixed array, the first show scheduled Torres, Real Madrid the first card C Luo holiday, Ramos continued Injured appearance.


The soccer release opening is only 45 seconds, Real Madrid won the corner kick, J Lo kick, Ramos header was saved. The first three minutes, Isco circle the ball, Raul – grab a foul on Garcia tipped Isco behind. The first five minutes, Torres received a long pass when offside. The first seven minutes, when Torres headed Zhengding Khedira not a foul for elbowing. The first 10 minutes, Torres offside again. The first 12 minutes, when Torres Ramos before pulling the ball field. The first 14 minutes, J Lo left before the games kick a penalty to the restricted area, Bell headed home, but was offside, and then O’Brien Mubarak attack ability Atletico goalkeeper, the ball reached the right side of the penalty area Gerry Postman hit the door wide.

The first 15 minutes, Gerry Postman in a corner header wide attack, Raul – Garcia and Khedira in the penalty area scrum physical altercations, both pushing each other. The first 20 minutes, J Lo penalty left corner is free. The first 22 minutes, the ball went straight back inside the penalty area Gerry Postman midfield steals Guevara, Guevara-speed chase back to put shovel to defuse dangerous situations. The first 23 minutes, Torres ball sudden strong frontcourt, Marcelo shovel to put the ball back against the destruction, the ball foul, the referee ignored, the fans booed everywhere Torres said. The first 26 minutes, Mario – Suarez shovel turned J Lo was sentenced to foul, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti on the sidelines with a wry smile.

The first 27 minutes, Isco pass, Benzema restricted area on the left foot hit the door was blocked. After 1 minute, midfielder Marcelo uprooting Gamez was a yellow card. The first 30 minutes, before being turned Torres midfielder Khedira hit the ball, Khedira is cautioned by the referee. The first 33 minutes, Raul – shot inside the penalty area Marcelo Garcia denied the bottom line. The first 36 minutes, Arbeloa on the right pass, Hedi shakes Leipzig higher than before. The first 39 minutes, Benzema outside the area hit the door, the ball was confiscated O’Brien Mubarak. The first 42 minutes, before closing down the right side of Marcelo Torres was sentenced to foul. The first 45 minutes, cut into the right field before Bell hit the door wide.

Easy side battles the second half both sides, both teams were not adjustments to make substitutions, the scene is captured by the lens of the Spanish national team coach Vicente del Bosque in the stands. The first occasion the referee 46 minutes, Isco passing, J Lo left the restricted area of the small-angle fell Shishe whistle, J Lo was offside. The first 49 minutes, Denis – Suarez inside the penalty area before stopping a shot sentenced handball. The first 50 minutes, Torres Ramos press down off a penalty. The first 51 minutes, Torres header ferry frontcourt, the ball outside the penalty area after Gerry Postman shot higher. The first 52 minutes, Marcelo plagioclase pass hanging distal to the restricted area, Bell kept the ball directly from small-angle right foot Dianshe wide angle.

The first 55 minutes, J Luo long-range bombers flying from outside the area. The first 56 minutes, Raul – Garcia Ramos in the penalty area was pulled down, Atletico won a penalty, then Raul – Garcia personally kick hit, 1-0, Atletico break the deadlock. The first 59 minutes, Torres replaced Cork, fans in the audience applause to send T9. The first 61 minutes, the camera cuts to the Real Madrid bench, C Lo has got up off the bench. The first 62 minutes, left foot shot was blocked inside the restricted area Benzema. After 1 minute, C Luo Luo J replaced. The first 65 minutes, Gerry Postman swept down the field to grab Crosby was a yellow card. The first 68 minutes, Arda – Tulane replaced Saar. The first 70 minutes, crossing the ball closed Marcelo Bell Road header wide.

The first 73 minutes, Real Madrid Jerseys before the games kick on the left, C Luo kick shot but the ball did not pass in front of the pickup, his teammates could not outflank the door hit the ball to draw the distal bottom line. The first 74 minutes, replaced Gerry Postman Manzu Keech, meanwhile, Hesse replaced Benzema. The first 76 minutes, Atletico corner attack, Jimenez Road header nets, 2-0, before Raul – Garcia because of dissatisfaction received a yellow card for the referee. The first 83 minutes, Carvajal replaced Arbeloa. The first 86 minutes, Godin stumbled C Luo was a yellow card. The first 87 minutes, Carvajal stumble Gabi was a yellow card, which fell to the ground cramps occur, the doctor quickly approaching its emergency treatment. During the five minutes of stoppage time, the two sides were to rewrite the score and eventually beat Atletico Madrid 2-0.

The two sides Lineup:

Atletico Madrid (4-2-3-1): 13-Aube Mubarak / 28- Lucas, 2 Godin, Jimenez 24-, 18- Gamez / 4- – Mario Soares, Gabi 14- / 17- Saar (68’10- Alda – Tulane), 8 Raul – Garcia, 7 Gerry Postman (74’9- Manzu Keech) / 19- Torres (59’6- Cork)

Real Madrid (4-3-3): Navas 13- / 17- Arbeloa (83’15- Carvajal), Guevara within 2-, 4- Ramos, Marcelo 12- / 10 -J Luo (63’7-C Lo), 6 Khedira, 8- Cross / 11- Bell, 9 Benzema (74’20- Hersey), 23- Isco

League Real Madrid midfielder scored 3.6 goals

New Year, Real Madrid this weekend in Valencia of going off war. Before this tough battle, “Aspen” column of data with the way the team cheering for Real Madrid. The “Aspen” talking about Real Madrid unparalleled attack.

In La Liga, Real Madrid 15 games and scored 55 goals, averaging 3.6 goals ball. Five leagues in Europe, this attack is the top. Barcelona ranked second in the league, but scored only 41 goals 16 war, averaged 2.56 into the ball. Chelsea and Manchester City have scored in 20 league goals in 44 games, averaging 2.2 goals ball. In the Bundesliga, Bayern 17 games and scored 41 goals, averaged 2.4 into the ball. In Serie A, Juventus 16 war 34 goals scored, averaged 2.13 into the ball. Lyon in Ligue 19 games and scored 40 goals, averaged 2.1 into the ball.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid’s attack ranked second. Chelsea scored 17 in six games beseech thee, averaging 2.83 goals ball. Real Madrid, Porto and Bayern have scored 16 goals, averaging 2.67 goals ball. Although the scoring rate is slightly inferior to Chelsea, but Real Madrid record is much better. Real Madrid 6 straight victories, Chelsea 4 wins and 2 draws.

Real Madrid squad, scorer C Lo undisputed status. In 15 league, C-14 appearances and scored 25 goals, averaged 1.78 into the ball. Macy ranked second in the league top scorer, but less than the C Luo into 10 balls. Diego – Costa and Sergio Aguero is currently leading scorer in the Premier League, scoring 14 goals for the number. Lacazette in the French leading scorer, he scored 18 goals. Tevez scored 10 goals in Serie A top scorer was already at this stage, and scored 13 goals in the second half of the Bundesliga Golden Boot Meyer is.

Including Bell and Benzema, Real Madrid scored 40 Trident BBC in 15 league goals. Looking at Europe’s top five leagues, only four teams in the total number of goals contribution higher than BBC Three. Barcelona and Bayern Munich before the winter break, have scored 41 goals. And at the end of the Premier League after tonight, Manchester City and Chelsea have scored 44 goals. In other words, the five other teams in the league the team goals are less than or equal to the value of the contribution of BBC Three.