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Top 5 Hot Selling Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017 ON FIRE

Top 5 Hot Selling Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017 ON FIRE,

5. Bayern Munich – 880,000 jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 880,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Ribery, Lahm, Schweinsteiger

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Pizarro

In the middle of the list we have the Bundesliga’s last year’s winner. They are the previous last champion of Europe and the most famous German team of all time. This most successful German club ever existed has the 23 league titles and 16 cups by its side.

Bayern is officially known as Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.. Currently they are being called ‘the’ powerhouse of the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich’s home jersey is traditionally red with white trim. Their away jersey is white with black trim. This is somewhat resembling the German National Team jersey. Their team jerseys are manufactured by Adidas and shirt sponsorship is provided by Deutche Telekom.

Bayern Munich is currently the highest selling club soccer jerseys in the german league with 880,000 shirts sold per year. They are expecting to make it until the next season to top 3.

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Football kits manufacturer: Adidas

Sponsor: Deutche Telekom

Bayern have their own star, the nominee for the Ballon d’Or Ribery. And the right wing Arjen Robben, Dante and the former Dortmund player Mario Götze, the right wing Thomas Muller everyone is profitable in sense of selling jerseys only. There are still some big names unforgettable like, Captain Philipp Lahm, the centre Back Jérôme Boateng and many others, who actually make the sales go up.

Last season’s new transfer Robert Lewandowski and the list mentioned earlier will for sure maintain the fifth place for the next year. May be the team with a similar jersey with the German national will rise and occupy a spot higher in the list of highest selling club soccer jerseys of the world sometimes.

Unlikely big superstars and world known players assure the fact that this is one of the bestselling jerseys topping other big clubs and rivals from the German League. Bayern Munich jersey sales have been very strong with an average of 880,000 official jerseys sold per year.

4. Chelsea – 910,000 jerseys annual

Top 5 Hot Selling Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017 ON FIRE
Top 5 Hot Selling Soccer Jerseys 2016-2017 ON FIRE

Estimated total sales: 910,000 football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Hazard, Oscar, Lampard

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Hilario

England Premier League was the witness of the quick ascension of London based Club Chelsea. They had a great ascension since the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich was purchased in the team in 2003.

Chelsea quickly became one of the powers of the EPL and Europe. Nicknamed the Blues, Chelsea have been honored with 4 league titles, 7 FA Cups and a Champions League title already. Their home jersey is blue with white trim. And the away jersey is white with red and blue trim. Their third shirt is all black. Football kits are manufactured by Adidas and currently sponsored by South Korean conglomerate Samsung.

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Football kits manufacturer: Adidas

Sponsor: Samsung (South Korean)

Some of their big names are the national Belgian keeper Thibaut Courtois, the powerful Russian right-back Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill. Fernando Torres was another famous member from the blues, moved to the Italian Serie A. But still, Chelsea sell around 910,000 pieces of football shirts per year.

What will come after the new transfers of Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid? Another name is Barcelona’s attacking midfielder Cesc Fabregas. Recently their former player Didier Drogba who came to support the team. So why not they raise their sales next year?

Another man who brings fame and help the marketing area to sell more jerseys is the coach himself. Being the very exception, the One, Mourinho is a self-standing brand who can help any team to earn money from the jersey selling business.

3. Barcelona – 1.15 million jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 1.15 million football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Messi, Neymar, Xavi

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Pinto

Is there anything more to say when you pronounce the name Barcelona? All it rhymes with Messi, Neymar, Ballon d’Or and the most valuable players in the world football history.

Probably they are the first club on this list to break into the millions. The catalan’s are always considered as a La Liga and European giant. Nicknamed as Barça or Blaugrana, Barcelona have won 23 league titles in total. 27 Copa Del Rey titles and five European Cup / Champions League titles which is unbelievably remarkable. Their home jersey is blue and red, formed into distinct vertical bars. Their current away jersey is made up of yellow and red vertical bars. This is undoubtedly from the colors and design of the Catalan flag. Barca’s kit is manufactured by Nike and sponsored by Qatar Airways.

Nike’s second highest selling club soccer jerseys belong to important names of the football industry, Barcelona.

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Football kits manufacturer: Nike

Sponsor: Qatar Airlines

Barcelona’s title winning list is not at all the only information that generates jersey sales. The five-time FIFA Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year Lionel Messi alone can bring a lot of fans to the shop to buy the club soccer t shirt. Another present time megastar, the Brazilian young hope, Neymar should be reminded as the future of Barcelona’s soccer jersey sale.

They have also names like Gerard Pique, Xavi, Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves and other complex players. Together these names boost up the sales of shirts which make them the first team to overcome 1 million shirts sold per year. To be very specific, Barcelona have 1.15 million club soccer jerseys purchased by their fans worldwide.

The club’s success and worldwide fame drives most of its official jersey sales. It doesn’t hurt that they have three-time FIFA Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year Lionel Messi motivating fans to buy jerseys either.

2. Manchester United – 1.4 million jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 1.4 million football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Rooney, Van Persie, Mata

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Cleverley, Fellaini

After the loss of their coach Sir Alex Ferguson, the team struggles to keep up with the other competing teams in English Premier League.

Despite recently falling on tough times domestically, Manchester United are one of the all-time biggest clubs in England and the world. MANU was originally founded in 1878. Nicknamed as the Red Devils, they currently play their matches at the 75,000-seat Old Trafford. Since the very foundation, United have won 20 league titles, 11 FA Cups, and 3 European Cup / Champions League titles.

The home jersey is red with black trim and the away kit is blue and black. Manchester United’s soccer kits are manufactured by Nike and current shirt sponsor is insurance and brokerage firm AON. The famous Chevrolet is set to sponsor United’s jerseys in the 2014/15 season.

At the time of selling jerseys, they show us that the fan base is getting stronger and now when times are harder they don’t give up.

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Football kits manufacturer: Nike

Sponsor: AON (insurance and brokerage firm)

The fans are a continuing source of money. They still buy their favorite jersey from players like Kagawa, supported by the Asian market and the usual names like Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney.

Not to forget some players like Juan Mata or Ashley Young, Nani. There are many more former players who are some of the best players from the team. They can also generate sales but in a smaller way.

Several years ago Manchester United was at the top position of selling club soccer jerseys list. But being at the second, United still is a major name on the fan market even though their game changed and everybody misses Sir Alex Ferguson.

United’s average yearly official jersey sales of 1.4 million is not hard to believe considering the club’s success and worldwide appeal all-time.

1. Real Madrid – 1.4 million jerseys annual

Estimated total sales: 1.4 million football shirts per year

Highest selling club soccer jerseys names: Ronaldo, Bale, Xabi Alonso

Most sold unlikely soccer jerseys names: Illarramendi

Even though the number is the same they all know that Real Madrid is the world leader when it comes for selling jerseys. Oh, of course almost all the other events have already been achieved by this giant of them all Football Club. Some of you ask why or try to deny this fact but we have only one argument for you.

Tied at the top with Manchester United is Real Madrid. Nicknamed Los Blancos, Real Madrid is the richest football club in the world according to accountancy firm Deloitte. Real Madrid had enjoyed considerable success in La Liga. In total they have secured a record 32 league titles in addition to 18 Copa del Rey titles. Real Madrid have won 9 European Cups / Champions League titles in history, which is the most of any team ever. Madrid’s home jersey is white with grey stripes and orange and black details. Their away kit is blue with white stripes and orange trim. Like all the others, there is a third jersey (third kit) for the Los Blancos. And that is orange and black. World famous Adidas is the football kits manufacturer for Real Madrid. Sponsorship is provided by the Dubai-based Emirates Airlines.

They have the winner of the Ballon d’Or and the player who sells more jerseys than any other players on earth. Sometimes it is calculated that only Cristiano’s jersey sale can overtake some newcomer club’s yearly budget.

Trying to compete to Real Madrid is like impossible even for Manchester United who is supposed to have the biggest number of fans in the world.

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Football kits manufacturer: Adidas

Sponsor: Emirates Airlines (Dubai-based)

Famous players like Bale, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Karim Benzema or Marcelo wear the jersey with pride because they are Real Madrid players.The amount of selling jerseys can be improved. New talents are also bought here recently. Names like Tony Kroos from Bayern Munich and James Rodriguez from As Monaco are surely going to increase the total jersey sale for the world giants.

Although they are the best team out there. Still they have to compete with big names like Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and English giants in Europe Championships. But as the jersey selling business mostly relies on famous players, so one player can change the game, or one award can boost the team up in sales.

Los Blancos have had many famous names play for them over the years. There is one primary name today which drives most of the 1.4 million jerseys sold. Undoubtedly Cristiano Ronaldo, the FIFA Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year winner, is the best-selling jersey and most common name emblazoned on the back of official Real Madrid replica jerseys ever.

Club Teams Soccer Jerseys:

Fans all over the world support their teams in a variety of ways. Ways are like getting a team logo tattooed on, spending a small fortune on tickets and sometimes buying the top satellite packages for watching all the games. Another task that supporters need to accomplish is to wake up early morning or staying up late nights to watch games depending on their world location. But above all, may be the least painful and most popular way of showing support is to wear the team jersey.

It actually feels like joining the supported team, when wearing our favorite team jersey, especially right on the instant, on the field of battle. We easily feel our opposition is fearing our team colors and probably they will take a step back. Sometimes fans are found refusing to wash their soccer jerseys as it may lose its good luck powers. That’s why Sports jerseys are part of a multi-billion dollar industry now a days.

Almost everybody from every countries like sports. And especially for Europeans, they like soccer very much. Some of the big names in European football have a great wide range of fans here. Supporters from every corner of the countries shout out loud every time their supported teams score.

Manchester United striker Robin van Persie general statement we will not talk contract with the club topic

According to the BBC news, in an interview, the Manchester United Jerseys striker Robin van Persie general statement we will not talk about the topic contract with the club, which is a sign of his dissatisfaction with the current situation. Another message from the “Daily Mirror”, said Van Gaal intends to poaching Klein Saints right back to strengthen the wing.


When it comes to the question whether the contract with Manchester United, Van Persie does not imply discuss a contract extension with the team, he said, “It does not depend on me, now I have to perform here 18 month contract. This is the reality I can not go to predict the future, I do not know what will happen after this, we need to continue to wait and see how the future. ”

This season, Van Persie played 20 times in the Premier League, scoring eight goals, this play made him very happy to know that in Manchester United’s first two seasons, he scored 30 goals and 18 respectively goals in the league, when it comes when their performance, Robin van Persie, commented, “I have played 21 games, scored only eight goals, I am very happy, really, our goal is not very much, each one has a responsibility , which also has my responsibility. ”

Speaking FA Cup game, Van Persie said: “After the end of the Cambridge Union than we were a little low, but by Saturday, the whole atmosphere changed abruptly eliminated Manchester City, Chelsea eliminated, but we are still. the next home game against Cambridge United. the so-called top teams, but also the rest of us, Arsenal, Liverpool and West Ham. “” among these teams, our ranking is the highest. we are popular it? I do not know. but I I’m glad we did not out. ”

Currently January winter transfer market on the verge of closure, according to the “Daily Mirror” message, Van Gaal interested in signing a right-back is reinforced, and their goal is to force the character of 23-year-old teenager Southampton Klein this is largely due to Van Gaal pursuit Everton strongman Coleman rebuffed.

Currently Klein contract with the Saints there a year and a half expired, although Southampton ready with their contract, but Klein himself has demonstrated very cold, he was ready to make a decision in the summer, when the contract also he left a year will expire in a very favorable position.

FifA Cup 2014-15 season were the first four of the game

03 points 55 points early in the morning (local time on January 23 19:55 pm), 2014-15 season, the FA Cup were the first four of the game, Manchester United against England B guest Cambridgeshire Abbe Stadium # 12 Cambridge Union, the audience did not create scoring opportunities Manchester United, can only accept the result of 0-0, the two teams will choose a replay at Old Trafford decide who the next round.

Teams only had two encounters, the League Cup in the 1991-92 season the first two home and away games, winning 3-0 at home to Manchester United, the customer wins tied 1-1. Manchester United 2015 Rooney Jerseys holiday, Robin van Persie back from injury off the bench, the other main force play, Van Gaal finally no longer with 352 diamond midfield formation and switch 442, Rojo and Phil – Jones halfback partner, Mary as the attacking midfielder. Cambridge United bench Chadwick served as Beckham’s replacement at Manchester United.

The first seven minutes, kick out left, Elliott header from seven yards at the top side. The first 10 minutes, Blinder restricted left side 10 yards pass was turned back, he shot the ball straight, Dunn saved the bottom line. The first 12 minutes, out on the right corner, Hughes 12 yards right foot shot he missed block. The first 16 minutes, Mary pass, Falcao right rib 14 yards right foot shot was denied the bottom line.

The first 22 minutes, closed front Jianuzhayi welcome defender siege ball right foot volley, the ball flew Dunn. The first 23 minutes, passing Rojo, Mary hit long-range high-flying directly to the court. The first 26 minutes, Fellaini leave Kay received a yellow card. The first 31 minutes, out on the left corner, Nelson header, door line teammate Coulson denied the ball, clearance by Rojo playing in the other body bounce, Coulson five yards at the head top high ball from the center.

The first 34 minutes, Mary closed front shot blocked after defender Dunne to get the ball down. The first 40 minutes, Mary long shots blocked by defender got under after Dunn. The first 44 minutes, Mary takes the free kick 25 yards left foot shot hit high. The first half ended, both teams 0-0 draw.

The second half began, the sky began to rain, the first 47 minutes, the restricted area left rib Gunuzhayi get the siege ball 12 yards left foot low shot, the ball flew Dunn. The first 62 minutes, midfielder Michael Carrick straight plug, plug in stopping Falcao footed shot from 10 yards, Dunn saved the bottom line. The first 64 minutes, Jianuzhayi long shots blocked. The first 65 minutes, Tayi Te Wilson received a yellow card for a foul.

The first 67 minutes, Van Persie Manchester United Home Jerseys and Herrera were replaced. The first 69 minutes, McGee Han received a yellow card for a foul on Di Maria. Then Phil – Jones long shots missed. The first 71 minutes, Mary cross midfield, Van Persie plug left rib 8 yards left foot volley hit high. The first 76 minutes, Manchester United Jiujiang Chadwick on behalf of Cambridge United bench. The first 78 minutes, Herrera right pass, Van Persie header was denied the bottom line.

The first 87 minutes, Mary pass in the left, 10 yards Falcao header tops. The first 92 minutes, shot 14 yards left rib Jianuzhayi touch bounce back, hit the ball out of Dunn, Mary frontier closed area towards the ball shot blocked. Eventually, the two teams 0-0 tie will choose a replay.

Cambridge United (451): 1- Dunn / Tayi Te 2-, 4- Coulson, 18 Nelson, 3-Taylor / 7- Qiao Pien 8-, 17- Hughes (76’22- Chadwick), 20- McGee Han Kai 31- / 10- Elliott

Manchester United (442): 1- Degea / 25- Valencia, 4 – Phil Jones, 3-Rojo, 17 Blinder (86’3- – Luke Shaw) / 11- Jia Nuzha Iraq, 31- Fellaini (67’21- Herrera), 16 Carrick, 7 Mary / 49- Wilson (67’20- Van Persie), 9 Falcao