Soccer Release 2017-2018

Soccer Release 2017-2018 Upcoming Kit Release Dates,Upcoming Kit Overview will be updated with the latest leaks, info and supplier changes as they happen throughout the ‘leak season’.Following a number of new leaks from the different leagues and teams, we have decided to update this year’s Kit Overview with all the latest leaks. The 2017-18 Kit Overview includes all leaked (and later confirmed) 17-18 football jerseys in one handy overview. In short, the 2017-2018 Soccer Kit Overview is the place to quickly see what the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid will wear next season.

arsenal new kit release date

Arsenal 17-18 Kits
Arsenal 17-18 Home Kit
Arsenal 17-18 Away Kit
Arsenal 17-18 Third Kit


Once again made by Puma, the German brand will mix up things a bit with the upcoming Arsenal 2017-18 jerseys. The Arsenal 2017-2018 home shirt will be a darker shade of red than usual, the Arsenal 17-18 away kit will be blue and, last but not least, the Arsenal 2017-18 third jersey will be inspired by the lights of London in the night.The Arsenal 17-18 home kit introduces a traditional look in dark red with a classic collar, courtesy of technical sponsor Puma and ArsenalFanTV. Once again featuring Emirates as sponsor, the next Arsenal jersey will be released in late May.Most importantly and for the first time since Puma took over at the Emirates, the Arsenal 2017-2018 home shirt has a darker, “more historic” shade of red than usual – but it won’t be quite as dark as the 2005-06 Highbury goodbye edition. The official name of the color for the Arsenal 17-18 kit is ‘Chili Pepper’

Chelsea new kit release date

Chelsea 16-17 Home Kit
Chelsea 16-17 Away Kit
Chelsea 2016-17 Third Kit
Chelsea 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit
Chelsea 16-17 Training Jerseys
Chelsea 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey

Made by long-term kit supplier Adidas, the new Chelsea 2016-2017 home jersey introduces a proud design, featuring an all-over print of Chelsea lions. After the 2016-17 season, Chelsea and Adidas will part ways.

Liverpool new kit release date

Liverpool 16-17 Home Kit
Liverpool 16-17 Away Kit
Liverpool 16-17 Third Kit

New Balance again produces the new Liverpool 16-17 jerseys, hoping to reproduce the modern simplicity of the Liverpool 15-16 kits.

Manchester City new kit release date

Manchester City
Manchester City 15-16 Home Kit
Manchester City 16-17 Away Kit
Manchester City 2016-17 Third Jersey
Manchester City 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit
Manchester City 2016-17 Training Shirt

Made by Nike, the Manchester City 16-17 home kit returns to blue shorts, a look the club sported for its last two league championships, although in a new, never-seen-before combination.

Manchester United new kit release date

Manchester United
Manchester United 16-17 Kit
Manchester United 16-17 Away Kit
Manchester United 16-17 Third Kit
Manchster United 16-17 Goalkeeper Kit
Manchester United 2016-2017 Training Jersey
Manchester United 2016-17 Pre-Match Shirt – 1
Manchester United 16-17 Pre-Match Shirt – 2
Manchester United 16-17 Champions League Training Shirt

In the second year in charge at Old Trafford, Adidas created more modern, adventurous designs, all while keeping in mind and honoring the club’s rich history. The Manchester United 16-17 home shirt features an all-new half-and-half design, inspired by the iconic jersey design of Newton Heath, United’s predecessor club.

Atlético Madrid new kit release date

Atletico 16-17 Home Kit
Atlético 16-17 Away Kit

Nike again produces the new Athletic Bilbao 16-17 home and away kits.

FC Barcelona new kit release date

Barcelona 16-17 Home Kit
Barcelona 2016-17 Away Jersey
Barcelona 16-17 Third Kit
Barcelona 16-17 Goalkeeper Kits
Barcelona 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey
Barcelona 2016-17 Training Kits
Barcelona 16-17 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt
Barcelona 16-17 Match Tee (Home & Away)

Real Madrid new kit release date

Real Madrid 16-17 Home Kit
Real Madrid 2016-2017 Away Kit
Real Madrid 2016-17 Third Kit
Real Madrid 16-17 Goalkeeper Kits

Real Madrid new kit release date

Real Madrid 16-17 Home Kit
Real Madrid 2016-2017 Away Kit
Real Madrid 2016-17 Third Kit
Real Madrid 16-17 Goalkeeper Kits

Real Madrid 16-17 Pre-Match Jersey
Real Madrid 16-17 Training Shirts
Real Madrid 16-17 Font

Once again featuring the iconic three stripes of Adidas, several details about the all-new Real Madrid 16-17 home and away kits are already known. The Real Madrid 2016-17 home shirt is white with blue accents, while the Real Madrid 2016-2017 away jersey is predominantly purple for the first time in years.

Sevilla new kit release date

Sevilla 16-17 Home Kit
Sevilla 16-17 Away Kit
Sevilla 16-17 Third Kit

Bayern München new kit release date

Bayern Munich 17-18 Kits
Bayern Munich 17-18 Home Kit
Bayern München 2017-18 Away Shirt
Bayern München 17-18 Third Kit

Made by Adidas as always, the Bayern Munich 17-18 kit returns to red shorts in a 70s-inspired design. The Bayern München 2017-2018 away jersey is dark blue and red, while the Bayern 17-18 third kit is light grey.

Borussia Dortmund new kit release date

Borussia Dortmund 17-18 Kit
Dortmund 17-18 Away Kit
Dortmund 17-18 Third Kit

Produced by Puma, the Borussia Dortmund 17-18 home kit features hoops. Also new this summer, the Dortmund 2017-18 away and third jerseys will be black and grey, respectively.

Hamburger SV new kit release date

HSV 17-18 Home Kit
Hamburg 17-18 Away Kit Info

Once again made by Adidas, the Hamburg 17-18 home and especially the away kit introduce less bold designs than in the previous season.

Schalke new kit release date

Schalke 17-18 Home Kit
Schalke 17-18 Away Kit
Schalke 17-18 Third Kit

Whereas the Schalke 16-17 home kit will get carried over into the new season, the German club will receive new away and third kits from Adidas in 2017

Inter new kit release date

Inter 17-18 Home Kit
Inter 17-18 Away Kit
Inter 17-18 Third Kit

Inter new kit release date

Inter 17-18 Home Kit
Inter 17-18 Away Kit
Inter 17-18 Third Kit

Nike will again make the Inter Milan kits, with the new Inter Milan 17-18 home kit set to stand out in particular.

Juventus new kit release date

Juventus 17-18 Home Kit
Juventus 17-18 Away Kit
Juventus 17-18 Third Jersey
Juventus 17-18 Fourth Kit
Juventus 17-18 Training

Having taken over at Juventus Stadium in 2015, Adidas will release four new jerseys for the Italian giant next summer. As with all of the brand’s major clubs, the Juventus 2017-2018 third jersey is based on a fan-submitted design. The Juventus 17-18 away kit draws inspiration from the city of Turin.

Milan new kit release date

AC Milan 17-18 Home Kit
AC Milan 17-18 Away Kit
Milan 2017-18 Third Kit

After the last few editions were less than impressive, the AC Milan 17-18 home kit will see Adidas take inspiration from the 1980s and 90s. The Milan 2017-2018 away jersey will be more modern, while the third kit will be based on a fan design.

Lazio new kit release date

Lazio 17-18 Home Kits
Lazio 17-18 Away Kits
Lazio 17-18 Third Kits

Lazio could unveil a new supplier to replace Macron for the 2017-18 season.

SSC Napoli new kit release date

Kappa is expected to continue producing Napoli’s kits in the 17-18 season.

AS Roma new kit release date

Roma 17-18 Home Kit
AS Roma 17-18 Third Kit

Not a lot details on the AS Roma 17-18 kits, which will be made by Nike, are known yet apart from the fact that the red and yellow colors will be adjusted slightly compared to previous years.

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